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    ESPN: ACC to meet about changing men's hoops narrative

    Gee if only the conference had some sort of deal that would give the schools money equal to what other conferences do and sell our soul to win. You can't fly a rocket to the moon when you're on a pedal car budget.
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    Bracket Busting

    Top scorer for the game passing the ball in that situation to a post player above the arc means 1 thing, nowell choked. He panicked when he realized he took too much time to get the ball up the court and was looking for bailout.. Sure he got 30, but pressure busts pipes.
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    Damon Stoudamire

    You mean that he's successful enough that other jobs will be available to him and that school or organization will pay us (supposedly) millions of dollars if he decides to leave?
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    Damon Stoudamire

    Ya see, this is a thread about our new head basketball coach. That would lead one to understand that all questions are in reference to the new head basketball coach.
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    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    DMs are there for a reason
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    Damon Stoudamire

    Any details on the contract or have they been released?
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    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    Read the replies, they're great though. Have a laugh.
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    Bama Basketball murder case

    I will give Saban credit where credit is due. A guy of his gets outta line and he's, at a minimum suspended. Plenty of other guys who want to dedicate everything they have to his program and he doesn't like to waste time. Be nice if Kirby learned that from his former boss.
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    Spring Practice

    TFG did all of spring practice before spring break and you see how that turned out.
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    GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    I dont believe we would be favored if we played F$U or ND at [email protected] Vs the noles we will be a push if not a underdog. It is a positive in payday for us because most, if not all, of the expenses are covered by the sponsor and we still get the media payout. No extra game to pay the contractors...
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    Seemes to be a lot of questions left to be answered. I understand kids being kids as an excuse, but when there is loss of life, that should disappear. Unfortunately, it looks like that is not the case in Athens.
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    Damon Stoudamire

    First semester of course.
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    General News about Key and his Staff

    Glad this ain't me
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    Bracket Busting

    Welp, I'll just show myself out.
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    Bracket Busting

    Iowa, Purdue, Virginia, Gonzaga Virginia vs Gonzaga Drew Timme cuts down the nets