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    College Gameday Headed to Ireland for GT vs FSU (2024)

    Is E$PN trying to throw F$U a bone? Have we made such progress, even in a 6-6 season, that the talking heads are noticing the direction we're headed?
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    2023 Coaching Carousel

    Short sighted comment. We need all ACC teams to be competitive (or at least the top half) .
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    Coach Prime to Colorado

    Needs to go on the privacy tour with Harry and Meghan
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    CFP Discussion

    Just read where espn is producing a schedule reveal for the $ec on the $ec network. 2 hours long. But yeah f$u is left out because of an injury.
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    Bowl Projections & Rumors

    They should just boycott the espn bowl machine
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    CPJ induction to CFB Hall of Fame

    I must admit, I did not have "Seeing CPJ in a bowtie tuxedo" on my bingo card. Also, why does the College Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony not take place at the College Football Hall of Fame? Is it just a larger representation of how college football is simply a whore for money and...
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    Boo Corrigan has hired Stansbury

    "I got my guy and I'll stand by sure....that ok...he gone"
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    CFP Discussion

    So when will the CW get a stake in the CFP and earn the ACC some biased points?
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    CFP Discussion

    So your saying that our 2014 team would have won the natty because who can prepare in a week to take on that offense? Is it too late to get t-shirts made?
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    CFP Discussion

    Did anyone notice the "$EC on E$PN coming in 2024" commercials during the ACC championship?
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    GT vs UCF - Gasparilla Bowl (was GT vs Troy - Birmingham Bowl)

    I signed up for bowl information on the app while still in the stadium after we beat Syracuse.
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    GT vs UCF - Gasparilla Bowl (was GT vs Troy - Birmingham Bowl)

    Tickets available on the 6th from gtaa per the email i got.
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    CFP Discussion

    Then why play the regular season games?
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    CFP Discussion

    I read the article and it still doesn't make sense. So by ranking FSU 5th, the committee believes that FSU (as they are now) is better than uga? Better than osu? Better than oregon? BUT NOT better than an alabama team that barely won its last 2 games?