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    NC State Postgame

    fully agree with the clock mis-management, it’s one thing to throw away timeouts during the first half, but 2nd half timeouts need to be preserved for must-need moments.
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    2018-2019 GT Hoops Post Mortem Thread

    Glad it’s over, now my CGC-fueled optimism can go fully unchecked until we play Clemson week 1.
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    GT vs VT (-12)

    Lots of sloppy passes and ball handling, not enough off ball movement. The good news is that Devoe is certainly developing into a reliable scorer.
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    Improving fan experience

    New PA person/equipment without a doubt, we need higher energy music that is much louder. Our setup for the past couple of years has been both abysmal and embarrassing.
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    Article Jackets Look to "Get Right" vs Clemson

    Somethings gotta give, this team looked horrible tonight
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    Spring Game: My Thoughts

    What would you set the over/under at for attendance?
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    this is awesome
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    Jalen Hurts enters Portal

    The same could be said for Atlanta though
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    President Peterson has announced his retirement

    Bud did a lot to keep GT elite academically, but I do think he had some shortcomings when it came preserving the well-rounded student experience. Hopefully whoever we get next recognizes that and has a plan to maintain both without making compromises.
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    Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    I won’t hold my breath for a Natty just yet, but I think this staff is surely capable of gathering enough talent so that we will have no problem beating Duke for the foreseeable future.
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    Tashard Choice named RB coach

    Hopefully Tashard gives Jamious a call if he hasn't already
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    DC Hire

    Agreed, time for CGC to make GT the next "DB U"
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    [Poll] Out of pure curiosity - Did you attend Georgia Tech?

    IE '17, Dad went to UGA, Mom went to Tech. Always been a Momma's boy, always will be, but I will say I didn't absolutely hate UGA growing up.
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    Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    I all in on this guy, but man, 6:30am recruiting meeting on a Saturday after the holiday party, gotta be BRUTAL to be on his staff lol