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    We run how many states?

    Add Republic of Ireland to the list of things* we run?
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    As far as Navy being better/quicker with the option: Grass is always greener on the other side. Also take into account the level of competition they're playing against. Also not sure why you guys are again idolizing the back-up QB. Everyone did that when Vad Lee was here. How did that work...
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    Good News

    I was talking about Snoddy. Snoddy is a senoir and was hurt.
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    Good News

    Posting in stereo? Nice. Sucks that he's missed a large portion of his senior year. :/
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    Blue Game Jerseys

    Except Red/Black...
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    USA Today early top 25

    Stanford at 5? Lol I'm done. Didn't need to read any further.
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    One of my long held offensive thoughts in question now

    There's no reason for us to pass as long the opposing defense is respecting our ability to do so. FSU played mostly 7 guys in the box. I think one drive they drive the 4-4 on the line and one high safety look. I like our passing game. But FSU was playing prevent defense on that drive.
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    Do we have to pull for FSU now?

    Yeah. I don't care who wins it as long as it's not Alabama. So unless it's FSU on Bama then FSU can go die.
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    Orange Bowl

    Don't care about who they have on Defense. I want to know how good their offense is. The answer to that question is I have no idea.
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    No Karlos Willams for FSU

    To me this helps offset that we don't have Smelter. (Although really Green is the 1:1 match here...)
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    Vines of the GT uga Game Posted

    Lol Perkins is blocking machine.
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    Question about Pruitt's defense

    Pretty sure they all stay together in a hotel like our team does. I don't think with either result the game on Friday is going to affect how they're going to play on Saturday. Richt has shown that he can keep them focused.
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    About UGA, this year and last

    Girlie is out for the year. So we just have to worry about the freshman. I feel like this is going to be very similar to last year. Feel like we stand a good chance of slowing down their run game in the first half while they're going to be getting 7-8 YPC in the second half. I expect them to...
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    Well... this headline is real

    Unfortunately you don't have to ask Pollack. That **** just spews from his mouth constantly.
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    Interview Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Postgame Press Conference

    I've had some good luck checking Youtube for other coaches: