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    Georgia Tech vs. South Florida Predictions #GTvsUSF

    34-20 good guys!! Offense gives up a few fumbles to make it this close.
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    Miami Prediction Thread

    38-20 tech wins!! Defense gets a few turnovers. Offense has long drives and keeps the clock running. #TOHELLWITHRICHT
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    Pitt Prediction Thread

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    Pitt Prediction Thread

    42-17 Good guys!! Too much offense for Pitts D. Big plays from our offense keeps their o on the field too much.
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    GT vs UT prediction

    Tech wins 28-17 Slow first half but makes adjustments and turns it on in the 2nd.
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    Clemson going forward

    Clemson is not the old Clemson! It's true. One loss doesn't define a season. I have been a tech fan since I came out the womb. I will stick by them through it all. Everybody saying Paul needs to go needs to ask yourself this. Would Gailey have done better in a big game? The answer is no!! I've...
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    Tulane Predictions

    52-13 good guys
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    First play of the Alcorn State game is........

    Hitch pass to the wr.
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    How did you become a TECH fan?

    Great idea. Where do y'all tailgate at?
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    How did you become a TECH fan?

    I'm 27 and live in a small town about 30 miles from Thomson and Augusta filled with Uga fans. My daddy had season tickets from 87-2000. I have been going to Bobby Dodd since I was 9 months old and still do to this day. I have two children, one girl who went to he first game this last season and...
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    Prediction day?!

    35-20 good guys!!
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    Tech 31 Uga 24 Paul runs the clock. Defense does just enough to get it done.
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    What will Paul call on the first play?

    Hitch pass to Smelter
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    We have to sellout the Miami game

    Wouldn't have it any other way sir!!
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    College football hall of fame

    Anybody been yet? Thinking bout going before the game Saturday.