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    UGA Postgame Discussion

    You are exactly right! Time for new O line coach. Pass blocking has been awful for years. I know it can be better. The OL has to do more than cut block. They have the talent but you still have to be coached!!
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    Any update on MJ’s injury?

    Appears to be the same injury he had in spring practice
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    Clemson Postgame Discussion

    When teams like Clemson have 2 weeks to prepare for GT it is bad news for us. Clemson has a very talented defense. I have said for 8 years we need to have at least 10-15% of our offense something other than the TO! Defense played great in the 2nd half! Our punter is a beast!
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    Rest of the 2017 Season

    Fact is, GT can win out the rest of the season. Depends on turnovers, coaching and whether or not we get the good breaks and not the bad breaks.
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    Miami Postgame

    All on Roofs shoulders. Lucky catch by 81 but they got there by running the same play over and over. D went soft when it started to rain. Roof blew it!
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    Miami Postgame

    This loss goes on Roofs shoulders. Defense played soft when it started to rain and gave Miami that bubble screen 6 times in a row. Lucky catch at end by 81.
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    Miami Prediction Thread

    GT 31 Miami 27
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    Marshall's example

    GT players are always giving back to the community like these players and cheerleaders that visited CHOA last Friday
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    GT vs Central Florida Cancelled

    Just got word that the game vs CFU has been cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.
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    Hey is it time to talk Uni's

    Don't expect a big change in the unis. The athletic department has always determined the uniforms. Russell took directions from GT, they could have come up with all kinds of alternate uniforms if the GT staff would let them. The big difference will be the amount of swag the players will get...
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    Georgia Tech’s Inability to Land In-State Talent is Becoming Problematic

    The blame for this doesn't fall solely on CPJ's lap. I coached high school football for 8 years in the highest and one of the best regions in Georgia. There were many players that I know wanted to play at GT but the GT coaches came in ill prepared to talk to these players or did not recruit them...
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    That would be a great idea. My brother played at UT and is involved in the VFL and has said it has increased the excitement for the football program. I also was a part of the same type of program at Furman and it has also been successful in raising funds and excitement into the football program.
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    Georgia Tech Headed to the TaxSlayer Bowl

    I know the players like the Taxslayer Bowl. A lot of them were looking forward to the Pinstripe Bowl and spending time in NYC, but Taxslayer and Sun were high on their list.
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    Stansbury Article

    His main job should be to unify the athletic program with the students and faculty of GT!! Also to be a positive voice for the whole athletic department and become engaged with the metro Atlanta area. While GT needs physical upgrades to parts of their athletic facilities, there has to be a more...
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    Hedges question

    Remember, it all grows back or replaced so who cares