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    Future Schedules (Austin Peay added in 2024)
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    All white unis for NCST

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    Game 8 Uniforms #DUKEvsGT

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    Duke @ Georgia Tech 7pmEST on RSN

    The backstory on RSN is that Raycom basically sublet part of their package prior to the start of ACC Network. When ACCN came on board, they basically absorbed what used to be the Raycom package. However, the RSN contract couldn't be undone, and it runs through 2026-27. They are essentially...
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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    DSG has Black Watch replica jerseys on sale for $52.50.
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    GT-Pitt Postponed

    The conferences set various benchmarks on minimum numbers at position groups. Over the course of the season with various attrition (injuries, opt-outs, transfer), that changes the numbers. GT DL is a good example. At the beginning of the season, could have lost 3-4 guys to COVID but wouldn't...
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    Miami kickoff at 8p on ACCN

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    BR: Re-Ranking the Top 2020 Class

    #8 Bleacher Report
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    Georgia Tech - Pitt kickoff 7:00

    My solution -- download Fox Sports Go app (we have a Sony TV, but it's available on most streaming devices), and activate using a friend with Comcast or Direct TV.
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    Black Watch Replica Leak

    Straight fire.
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    Jordan Domineck Pass Rush

    Speaking of JD: