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    Statistics that give me hope about our offense

    Disagree, we aren't throwing many 40 plus yard Int’s and we have a putter who is consistently booming punts.
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    Keep in mind they have their back up QB not playing, a few on the OL (1 starter and others in the 2 deep) if I’m not mistaken plus a starting DT and CB.
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    College pick em

    Can you link it? It’s not showing up for me. edit: I found it
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    College pick em

    Thank you! Can I post this on rivals to get more people?
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    College pick em

    Is it not confidence picks like last year?
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    Starting QB speculation

    Gleason gets the start imo. As for the “package” it’s not a guarantee that guy will play. They are speaking of a package as in a package of plays that the QB can run that may be different than the starter, not an actual package as in a different system.
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    Tomahawk Nation 9/8

    I think our DL has a good game and will be a big part of how we can win. They are a little undersized and starting two redshirt freshman and another sophomore. Should be a low scoring game imo.
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    Week 1 #GTvsFSU Predictions

    I don’t see a high scoring game, especially with the rain. Will see less plays than normal with more running imo. GT 24 FSU 17
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    College pick em

    Are we doing this again? Not sure who put it together last year.
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Didn’t really have the personnel to do what he does. He took over a traditional power offense. Go look at his stuff from costal Carolina. Even what we did some of last year. he likes to get mismatches (what OC doesn’t like that?) he’s pretty deliberate with what he does though. You will see him...
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    I’ve been saying from the get go that Gleason was a stud. Not surprising at all that you are hearing this. Thanks for posting!
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Gleason? He was also hand picked and the dude is a baller. Good pocket awareness, makes all the throws, and it’s been said he’s very football smart. I think he ends up being the starter this year.
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    Anyone know

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    Anyone know

    @bravejason ? He was a pretty regular on here but I see he hasn’t been on here since around February. Maybe he’s changed his user name? I played golf with him last year for the golf outing of GT fans, super nice guy.
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    GTSwarm golf outing

    @FrytownJacket now hole 17 and @LongforDodd hole 16. Sorry once again lol.