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  1. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    Well we haven’t heard much from him this summer so maybe that will be a good thing for the team 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. We look good against Ole Miss here...

    Yeah, we lose as usual lol
  3. Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    I‘d be for hiring him 6 days a week and twice on Sunday. Recruiting would go thru the roof.
  4. NCAA Tourney

    Didn’t see us getting pulled into the Knoxville regional.
  5. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I’m about over college football. It’s just going to get worse over time with the portal. Used to be nice to follow a player for his 4 years in school but now it’s musical chairs.
  6. Ukraine

    Two of the most respected military theorists in modern times were John Boyd (Georgia Tech grad) and John Warden III. I studied both in grad school. Boyd developed the OODA loop for decision making in battle and Warden developed a simple equation Energy(enemy)=f(physical) x f(psychological)...
  7. March Madnesss memories

    Mine would be watching us beat Kansas in St. Louis in the elite 8 in 2004. The EJ dome was 90% Kansas fans but we pulled it out. Exciting times, maybe will get to see something similar again in my lifetime.
  8. Ukraine

    First thing we need to do is go back to being energy independent so we are not dependent on the middle east or other hostile territories. Putin is all in so he will probably accept nothing less than Eastern and Southern coastal Ukraine as well as Ukraine stating they will not join NATO. Anything...
  9. Tech vs Louisville

    Usher played his heart out. Glad the guys fought back and didn’t go down without fighting hard at the end.
  10. Ukraine

    This could in some sense resemble a Vietnam for the Russians. They are moving into a country with a conventional army against a people with a strong will to fight. The Ukrainians are already in a sense using guerrilla tactics to fight with small groups moving around and selectively picking off...
  11. Ukraine

    I have a graduate degree in military history and this is one of the best summaries so far.
  12. Ukraine

    Sanctions will cause grief but not stop Russia. Furthermore, no one within Russia is “taking Putin out”. It will be a decision for the West to determine when the military must be used to stop Russia.
  13. Ukraine

    It’s hard to get accurate information especially since it’s two foreign armies with no embedded journalists at the troop level. The MIGs having bombing capabilities like our F series jets but originally designed for air to air combat. A-10s would be much more effective for air to ground...
  14. Ukraine

    I think Putin will continue into the Slavic states. He has been clear about his intentions over the years to reform the Russian empire. The Ukrainians are fighting hard with the resources they currently have. Surprisingly Russia has been unable to control the airspace. Ukraine needs to continue...
  15. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Like Dontae’s statement. Could be some, not all, needed to leave if their attitudes were leaning towards not wanting to be there.