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  1. May be wrong Forum

    I can't get the Hive. Is it me or are they gone?
  2. 50 Years Ago Coach Dodd Retired - 22 years and 165 wins

    Thanks you are right. I was thinking of 66
  3. 50 Years Ago Coach Dodd Retired - 22 years and 165 wins

    Not sure but don't believe fifty six. I think GT was undefeated untill (sadly) loss to ugag. may have fifty five.
  4. Basketball

    I,m sorry I should know. Could some one tell me what grade is each of our player ?. Lammers etc.
  5. Tech's Honeycomb Helmet Voted #1 Ugliest Helmet In College Football

    I don't want to seem cantankerous but I was there too and I believed it to be dark navy at the time.
  6. scores

    Where can I get basketball scores? Link
  7. All-CPJ Team

    I thought you meant CPJ team meant those he had recruited as well as coached. I must have misunderstood.
  8. UVA

    I don't know that much about basketball either. It looked to me like we had a taller group and it worked pretty good against UVA I don't know how it would work against ND and others.
  9. UVA

    Probably need other line ups, on occasions, because other teams have different line ups.
  10. Pitt - 1/6

    I lost it for us. I started listening when we were behind by three. After that it went down fast. O me
  11. Les Miles Met w/ Ted Roof in January

    We were not great but I believe our D did well enough to win a majority of our games last year. And that is not something that can be said for quiet a while now. Just my 2 cents
  12. What is

    The news with BUZZ PRESTON