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  1. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    I have zero problem with what Snit did last night, he probably should have used Jacob Webb instead but hindsight is 20/20
  2. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Can't wait for tomorrow!
  3. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    alright Nostradamus, what's the lotto numbers this week? It wasn't quite a 20 point lead but I can't believe they blew it again
  4. Bobby Dodd Policies for 2020

    If they're selling $6 scofflaws I'm about to be trashed....
  5. The missing 2019 UCF game

    Didn't every other team in Florida play that week? If so, that seems like it should pretty much be the end of the conversation......
  6. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    I mean I agree with Jamal, I would put the 2014 team against any other team in tech history, they were nasty. With that being said it was only one year and the next 4 from CPJ were anything but great
  7. Week 3 Georgia Tech vs Syracuse Kickoff Set for 12pm ET

    I'm just glad it's not ACCN

    So... Any word on why Gibbs didn't play or are yall just going to keep arguing about something that has nothing to do with the subject?
  9. Weather Delay #GTvsFSU - New Kickoff Time 4pm ET

    Radar doesn't look too bad

    Idk if you watch the Braves but Markakis was exposed but never tested positive, he sat out for a week. I'm assuming that something similar is going on with Gibbs
  11. Starting QB speculation

    Just listened to Joe Ham on 680. He said Jeff Sims was not given the job, he took the job. He said Yates and Gleason both played great in practice but Sims was the best. Graham was not mentioned. He also said Gibbs looks like Alvin Kamara out there
  12. Starting QB speculation

    So like what we did against UGA two years ago at the end of the game? The UGA fans around me were very impressed that I called that play from the beginning lol
  13. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    But don't know, we don't need outfielders since we think so highly of Waters and Pache.... Maybe they'll be ready in 3 years, we won't have Freddie in his prime anymore but we held on to our prospects and that's what matters
  14. Time to use this title. Pressley Harvin :(

    Going based off the AJC, was that post even about him??? We haven't had a person test positive in 2 weeks. If he was on day 8 of symptoms he would have tested positive over the past two weeks
  15. Why isn’t the Packer and Durham ACC Show closed-captioned?

    This might be a really dumb question but can't you just turn on closed captioning from your TV? I know it isn't perfect but it is better than nothing