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    Ticket exchange

    I'm looking for 3 tickets to the Miami game on Feb 29. If anyone has some, PM me please, and thanks!
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    AFC Champs Practicing at Tech

    Shaq throwing shade on ugag!
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    OC Hire

    Are we not getting Dixon off of Toledo?
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    "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..." For Paul!
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    Quick Lane Bowl Media

    CPJ said that Mike Sewak will retire. Did I hear it right?
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    Tashard Choice named RB coach

    For people keeping note, Univ. of North Texas played their bowl game on Saturday (and got blown out), and Choice was announced after 6 days.
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    CGC on 680

    I want Urban as OC and Saban/Belichick as DC. Is that too much to ask? :p:smuggrin::D
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    CJP will be on 680 in the next few mins.
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    Thoughts before I depart

    Good luck and god speed!
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    CGC on 680

    After all bowl games in Jan, or after Temple's bowl game next week?
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    Do you think Saban retires if he wins the Natty this year? He's looking around and seeing programs like Clemson, and UGA getting stronger and closer to Bama each year. He's not as young as Kirby or Dabo and doesn't have the energy or drive. Do you think he calls it a day if they win it all? If...
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    Signing Day Info

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    Signing Day Info

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    CGC on 680 this AM

    CGC will be on 680 in a few, I believe. Listen in if you can..
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    CGC...Break the silent treatment: HC & DC

    You can listen to what he has to say now if you want to. He will be on 680 in a few, I believe.