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  1. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    lol I think I bet someone about who would end up having recruited more NFL pass-catchers to GT, Geeeoff or his predecessor. Maybe it was in the chat.
  2. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    I'm not surprised, but I'd ask this: Did anyone expect us to be much better than this after four games? Yeah, the number of blocked punts stands out, but most people did not believe we'd be better than 1-3 by this point...right? Did we think we'd play Ole Miss or Clemson much closer? I was...
  3. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    This is one of this broader issues I find fascinating - is there some point where the average college football fan will stop caring so much? That's not a rhetorical question. Sure, we always scoffed at the legal fiction that every football player-qua-student-athlete is a "student" like any...
  4. The reports of the TO's death have been grossly exaggerated

    I won’t debate what’s the centerpiece - midline is crucial and was huge for GT. You can run midline from the pistol - I did - but, to your point, it becomes a very different play, even if blocked the same, because of the relatively glacial movement and the way the runner’s path would have to...
  5. The reports of the TO's death have been grossly exaggerated

    Great post. I watched parts of the Louisville 2018 game the other night, after some mentioned it here as the last game they really enjoyed. What struck me is that the offense featured Jalen Camp, Jordan Mason, and Nate Cottrell, amongst others. Those guys, allegedly part of a low point in...
  6. RIP Demaryius Thomas

    this is just awful. My God.
  7. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    Cliffs: 48% - we should fire Collins now, money be damned 48% - we should fire Collins now but can’t afford to do so 4% - it’s Paul Johnson’s fault that we lost to NIU in Collins’ third year
  8. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    If running the 3-0 makes the “ceiling lower” for wins and that ceiling is therefore only 2009, 2014, or 2016 —— I guess I’ll take that? Your ceiling and floor is dictated less by your particular scheme and more by player talent + coaching ability (considered both as game day adjustments and...
  9. Jahmyr Gibbs now leading FBS in all-purpose yardage

    I’d probably let him return it from 12 yards deep in the end zone TBH.
  10. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    In retrospect, maybe coming in with an implicit message of “the players on this team right now suck and will be replaced with starting-NFL-quality elite athletes in the very near future” was not actually a stroke of genius for branding and team cohesion purposes. However, I acknowledge it may...
  11. Ranking Geoff Collins 10 Best Wins

    Yeah, but his successor is undertaking the Greatest Transition in College Football History (tm).
  12. What GT does - Pass Blocking

    Great stuff, @ilovetheoption
  13. Triple Option

    I sometimes wonder what our passing stats would have looked like in 2014 if Thomas were just slightly worse at running the option. JT wasn't quite as accurate as Tevin but he wasn't too far off and had a much bigger arm and better options at wideout. But he was so good with the option stuff that...
  14. Triple Option

    @Lotta Juice - good post. I hope you're right! @ilovetheoption - yeah, I'd count Coastal Carolina as a triple-based team. I do love watching them. I wish CPJ had done some of what they do now back when he was messing with the pistol. Not that I think we ever *needed* to run the pistol at all...
  15. Triple Option

    I believe that triple option discussion will die down as soon as Collins gets a win total that is in the range of one of CPJ's better seasons. Looks like 9 wins in 2008, 11 wins in 2009, 8 wins in 2011, 11 wins in 2014, and 9 wins in 2016. So, when Collins (or his successor) delivers an 8-11 win...