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  1. USF Postgame #USFvsGT

    Money down doesn't bother me, but I can see how it might get old. What I don't like is fake money with a coach's face planted on it (any coach) being passed around. Remove the face, then yeah, ok. For the record, I haven't seen the alleged fake bills, but that's how the announcers described them.
  2. IBB 5 Matchups to watch

    Great post, IBB. I liked it 5 times.
  3. For those that don’t get the ACC Network...

    It works! Thanks for the link!
  4. Another recruiting philosophy

    Thanks for the sentiment. Fortunately, it didn't really cost me anything except heartburn. She had some incredible offers.
  5. Another recruiting philosophy

    My 18yo daughter just did.
  6. Another recruiting philosophy

    Academically gifted kids (especially those in high demand, with competing offers) change their choice of college all the time. Many times at the last minute. We shouldn't expect more from athletes. However, once a kid accepts/commits to an offer, one would reasonably expect him to fulfill that...
  7. Most blown 4th Quarter leads since 2012

    A lack of depth can kill you in the 4th quarter.
  8. Freshmen Arrive

    Smith. Corner unit. Three of us. Roommates were a 6'7" kid from NJ, and a skinny kid from Vietnam who spoke little (if any) English. I'm originally from rural Alabama and it was a cultural awakening. One of the best things that could have happened. Then Brown. Overlooking Techwood Dr and North...
  9. Roster Heights/Weights Updated on

    Wesley Wells with the freshman 15, haha
  10. Tech Defense

    You're right. It's not the DL that's valued by the NFL, it's the rushing DE. That's why he's the second highest valued position by average salary.
  11. Tech Defense

    Given enough time, a qb can pick any defense apart. No cb can effectively cover a receiver for very long. An effective rush can save an average cb. The NFL (as you stated, 31/32 GMs) agree, so that's where they spend their $. Pass rushers > db...
  12. Academic All-ACC

    Academic all-ACC should be Dean's list (or higher). Believe Tech is still 3.0. It's at least 3.5 at other schools.
  13. Spring Game: My Thoughts

    Is 50yo considered an old fart? Need to know whether to sit or stand, and what music I should be listening to. :happy:
  14. The "Collins effect "........

    Most offers are made pending the October and December ACT results. Also, they want to know your curriculum and GPA after finishing your Sr year first semester of high school. My son lost an academic scholarship because he made a c during his first semester of his senior year. So yes, all offers...
  15. The "Collins effect "........

    Stem degrees scare kids. That's why there's a nationwide effort to recruit and develop them. No matter what your degree is in, I consider a Tech degree to be STEM-centric. My daughter (currently a hs senior) scored a 35 in math on the ACT. She prefers to pursue something other than a math-heavy...