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  1. Photo of Overturned Forward Pass

    Didn't mention that one. That was the play before GT converted the 3rd and 22 late in the first half. GS recovered that ball and the referees did not review the play. GT went on to score.
  2. Photo of Overturned Forward Pass

    Look, I'm not trying to stir up anything here. Just found this photo that was posted by someone very close to the GT family, and thought it might be insightful. They could have broken the video down frame by frame too, but I seriously doubt that they did.
  3. Photo of Overturned Forward Pass

    Looks forward to me.....
  4. GSU and a Little Perspective

    Guys, there is a photo posted on Twitter of the play at the moment the ball is touched by the GT player. It is absolutely straight across the field. Shows the ball released between the 27 and 28 yard line and touched on the 27. The ball was pitched with the left hand, and this is...
  5. GSU and a Little Perspective

    The rule is pretty plain. It says that based on the call on the field, there must be "indisputable" evidence to reverse it. As you look at the play when it happened, two officials immediately blew the ball dead and called it an incomplete pass. The replay official reversed the ruling by...
  6. Back Seven on Defense

    Refs didn't call holding much on pass plays and it was going on with both teams. There are four or five obvious holds on GT that were not called, just as there were some by GS.
  7. Congrats from an Eagle

    And that totally horrible NC State team you guys laughed about that beat GS by one point is also 3-0 after blasting USF in Tampa 49-17.
  8. GSU and a Little Perspective

    Doesn't matter now, but I suspect he had access to every video angle possible. He has no dog in the fight, so there's no need for him to tweet that unless he disagrees with the call.
  9. GSU and a Little Perspective

    Wow...just saw a tweet by Mike Pereira, former VP of Officiating for the NFL and Rules Analyst for Fox Sports that said the overturned play at the 4:16 mark was called incorrectly. Hmmmmm......
  10. GT - GSU Post Game Thread

    Come on guys. Isn't it possible that GS is better than you thought they were. The Eagles have a lot of speed, and they do not quit.
  11. Ga Southern

    I sometimes wonder how many guys on this site ever played the game. Football games are won by teams and not individuals. As Erk Russell so eloquently explained it to his players, "BIG TEAM - Little Me" and "There is no I in Team." My point in saying that App St was the better team on that day...
  12. Ga Southern

    They were that day!
  13. A Look Into Our Opponent

    We haven't run into anyone who can cover Walker or Showers either, so it should be an interesting game.
  14. A Look Into Our Opponent

    That's a pretty bold statement, considering you most likely haven't seen GS play this season. Didn't know you could gather so much information from a slide rule...(just kidding...couldn't help myself).
  15. CPJ Press Conference

    GS fought them for years just to get the university designation. Lots of UGA pull on that board.