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    Crazy Fans

    their are some vocal fans in the GA southern fanbase calling for the 1st year coach's head right now . . . and he's 3-0! fans EVERYWHERE can be over the top.
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    Louisiana budget crisis could threaten LSU football

    I didn't know you were such a tiger fan, cheese! :eek: This thread should probably be moved from the GT football forum anyway since it is about LSU.
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    Louisiana budget crisis could threaten LSU football

    Smart leaders don't champion college is for everyone who can simply fog a mirror for a federal student loan! Tuition inflation has been rampant for years and years. And, this has only gotten worse since Obama signed legislation in 2010--when the "1%" chanting and Occupy Wall Street was building...
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    Reggis Ball

    You know what would be even more funny? If Auburn's ballboy decided to press assault charges for being tackled by this numbskull. Then, better yet, they stick him with a theft or robbery charge. That'd be the cherry on top of being kicked off the team.
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    GT athletic dept has amassed $229 million in debt

    The students voted overwhelming in favor of the stadium expansion and FBS fees.
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    New Offense?

    I will always love the triple option under center. But, I've found a helluva mistress with Willie Fritz's shotgun spread option. He's taken Monken's traditional option recruits and fit them into his system nicely. If he can win over the old school Statesboro option crowd, well, you know it...
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    GSU vs UGA

    I made the trip up from Statesboro and was there. As soon as I saw Fritz was playing for OT I told my girlfriend the Eagles probably just lost the game. I don't get the play calling in OT, either. We have not run ONE wildcat play all year. Now we pull that crap out? Things were just moving at...
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    Tommy Hanson dies

    Extremely tragic! Media reports are starting to mention law enforcement incident report has "overdose" listed. Evidently, they have reason to believe this is drug related.
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    dalvin cook's legit as hell. gotta bottle him up cause he's second level homerun threat.
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    yeah, i LOL'd at that one! he pronounced it "man-git". :rolleyes:
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    Happy update for GT fans

    we've moved on and so has he. plenty of room for success for both parties.
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    Freddie Burden Article

    The Burden's are highly regarded in Statesboro. I taught Freddie's brother, Willie. Awesome kid. Taught Micheal Summers as well when he was in middle school. Another wonderful young man from a well respected family. Wishing all the best for Willie, Sr!
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    It's a girl!

    I love football. But, family trumps it all day long. Wishing Eric and his family all the best. I know from experience the time it takes to admin and moderate a large online forum and it can become very overwhelming. One day I realized just how much time I spent doing so and I walked away cold...
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    The downfield lateral, why we don't see it?

    GS QB raymond gross was the master of the downfield lateral. here are two from same game. NC champ game in 1990. i tried to post embed, but it wouldn't work. copy, paste, and watch:
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    The Jim Ross commentary put to the gif in the comments section had me laughing so hard I was tearing up. Hilarious!