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    Homecoming against VT to kick at 12 noon on RSN.

    Well when you have only won 3 games last year there ain't many cupcakes on the schedule when you played Duke at Duke.
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    Ga Tech at UVA - 730PM

    did not know most of their starters were sr. on offense.
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    Homecoming against VT to kick at 12 noon on RSN.

    If fine with a noon game not that anyone cares
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    Bye Week Media

    I also have seen a lot of rebuilds , but the big difference is the athletes of today and I'm talking about all athletes all schools maybe not Navy and Army. But the fact is players today are not the same as when Ross and O'Leary were here . Don't start today and they want to enter the portal...
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    Coach Dave Patenaude

    I tried to tell my wife it was her boobs that were the problem. So if they were bigger we could win more games?
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    Coach Dave Patenaude

    Guys be realistic , we have a head coach with not enough experience and no money to pay for a good OC . if you have $100 your not going to get a Mercedes to drive and if you do you won't like it.
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    Coach Dave Patenaude

    I like our drunks .
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    QB at uga backup to starter but has started with their number 1 out 5 year guy.
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    Marquez Ezzard has left the program

    Don't really know anything about him , but wish him the best.
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    Ga Tech at UVA - 730PM

    sounds about right I remember by the time I got off work and home it was the start of the 3rd qt
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    Ga Tech at UVA - 730PM

    I'm old so I sure I'll be wrong but I was thinking it was like 3:30 for kickoff
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    What area needs to be improved the most

    Too bad our OC doesn't listen to some ideas , ( just keep doing the same things and try putting that square peg in the round hole, some people would like to retire at 54 ) There are 2 ways to coach you only call plays you think are your strengths or you call plays to go against their weakest ...
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    Juanyeh Thomas and Ace Eley Named ACC Players of the Week

    One thing I have learned if you think sometime going happen it may not . ( everyone thought UNC would kill us passing)
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    #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    So kind of like getting old I have lost a lot of production and know what I need to do but just can't do it any more. ( so they don't make those blue pills for football )
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    Question about a coach

    I think the thing that changed the most is the internet