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    Anyone with any inside information

    with the ways things are going with the virus any information if we are going to have to wear a mask at the games
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    I do but I stay drunk
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    I do agree the SEC is a step or 2 above us , I understand Oklahoma making the SEC a little better. But I DO NOT see Texas doing anything for the SEC but causing big problems and dividing the conference and I'm not talking about East Vs West. Texas is used to people kissing their feet and...
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    Penn STATE will not leave the. Big 10 why would you take less money.
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    ACC Media Poll

    This is why they close the bar's on voting day
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    Alumni discount for 3-pack

    All I can tell you is I have been a season ticket holder since 1981 and I know most around me who are season ticket holders and about 30% sale their tickets to uga fans or bring them with them. The rest of us don't talk to them , Are all the uga fans getting tickets from season ticket holder...
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    Texas pulls this crap every few years, What do they want this time ?
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    2021 Uniform Debate

    Age they don't like us old people. We will all rise up it will be an anarchy . But first i have to go cut the grass
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    Do Y'all remember history this is the same talk a few years ago before everyone but the SEC signed the GOR.s come back in 4 years and ESPN is not doing the well
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    this is old if someone has newer , why would leave to come to the ACC ? Conference FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 SEC $32.7M $40.4M $41M $43.7M Big 10 $32.4M $34.8M $37M $54M ACC $26.2M $23.8M $26.6M $29.5M Big 12 $23.4M $28.5M $34.3M $36.5M $38.8M Pac 12 $25.1M $28.7M...
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    Expansion Talk 2021

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    Expansion Talk 2021

    They could talk about uniforms
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    Expectations for the 2021 season

    orange ? why not Gold
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    As far as expansion talk you look at the money first. With that why would anyone in the Big 10 want to come to the ACC, for a payout cut ? I'm not sure but I thought the only conference we paid better than was the PAC10 ( I have not looked it up ) . I think if expansion happens again it would...
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    ACC Media Days - Football Kickoff

    Little surprised Jeff Sims would speak not that I think he will not be good but still listed as a freshman would think you would pick an upper classmen