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    BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Dude what the hell are you talking about?
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    Louisville Uniform Reveal

    It's actually a reference to Ohio's contributions to the Union Army in the Civil War.
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    2020 ACC Baseball It's a good bookmark to keep for the season. Its got links to all the box scores too.
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    2020 ACC Baseball

    Tournament baseball is a hell of a thing.
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    Danny Borrell our new pitching coach

    I'm a little late to the party in this coversation but we're already there. Analytics have been a part of baseball in some form for decades and there's a reason all the smart organizations have been wholeheartedly embracing them for years now. I don't have any inside info but I've felt that...
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    Pitching Rotation and Starting Lineup for Opening Games

    The less small ball the better. You guys want to see more hitters with a .300/.400/.500 slash line bunting runners over from first to second in the first handful of innings of a game? Yeesh. That's a hard pass from me.
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    The Citadel Postgame

    Why are you so adamant about talking about a game we won over 10 years ago when we lost to an 0-2 FCS team just a few hours ago? Who cares? I couldn't even buy a drink when that game was played.
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    The Citadel Postgame

    Way too early the jump ship but this was flat out embarrassing. Learn from it, flush it, and on to the next one. Hopefully we can all look back at this game and laugh in a few years as rock bottom because yikes.
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    Danny Borrell our new pitching coach

    Admittedly there's a lot of assumptions here but I think it's likely. I've said this before in other forums. I don't think it's a coincidence all of our athletic teams started clearly struggling compared to their peers, and their own previous history, at the same time. We really fell behind in...
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    DJ in the student section/something new for the team run-out

    I only lived in Atlanta for two years and haven't lived their in over 7. I'm also a web developer so I'm intimately familiar with HTTP status codes. It was immediately apparent to me that 404 referred to the area code. Using the area code as a stylized way to refer to a city or region is in...
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    Has the hype been humbled?

    Saying roughly the same thing in the tweet was silly. Especially when you're a former player and people are going to overly dissect everything you say. He should have known better. I didn't say otherwise. I'm going to try and be clear here. When I said it wasn't that outrageous I was...
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    Has the hype been humbled?

    It's silly to start a thread about this after 1 game against the defending national champs who are inarguably one of the best teams playing this year. I think it's also silly to start pearl clutching over a tweet from a former player expeessing an opinion that isn't all that outrageous...
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    Pre Season Ranking in "The Athletic "

    One of those things is message board hot takes based on those preseason polls.
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    coaching 'staff' comparisons

    The last coaching staff could have been good and it could also have been time for a change. Both of those things can be true. I don't know why this is so difficult for the same handful of people in every thread to understand. Too many people interested in being right rather then just letting...