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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    For real! Right when I saw them I had to rewind..whoa 🔥
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    What would you most like to see tomorrow night (other than a win)?

    Zero turnovers and less than three penalties for the whole game
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    Your Favorite Underrated GT player?

    Julian Burnett KaMichael Hall
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    Collins Fingerpoint Watch

    First thought that came to mind when I saw the thread title was an actual watch, as in time piece, that told time by CGC finger pointing out the time.
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    Bowl game Uni.... some will need a suicide watch

    Just straight fire #BluesforBowls !
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    2018 - where have all the upsets gone??

    An unranked 5-5 OkSt team beating #9 West Virginia this pat weekend was pretty big and basically ended any playoff hopes for WV.
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    Which bourbon is best paired with a GT win over UM?

    Jameson is my drink of choice
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    Georgia Tech vs. South Florida Predictions #GTvsUSF

    Roll Tech 38 USF 31 Just worried about sending pressure and it not getting home in time. If it doesn’t I think we might give up some plays through the air. Excited for the test!
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    Adidas Swag watch 2018

    Also, I’ve ordered three things on the GT bookstore site. All three back ordered. One adidas and the other two not. Anyone having issues with this? For the lady in your life... White and gold NMD
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    Alcorn State Postgame Discussion

    Rewatching the game tonight. Biggest thing that’s caught my eye and started watching him on every down, Jahaziel has got to play better at center.
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    Official Offseason Uni Thread

    I’ve noticed on a few players social media account that a few said, “taking a break from social media for a while. Gotta focus on camp” Since several said the same thing I think that the coaches/administration is trying to make sure someone doesn’t leak anything. Similar to the white helmets...
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    Who is your Favorite Tech Player

    Calvin Johnson easy Obscure pick: KaMichael Hall
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