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  1. Who is the most indespensable player on team?

    Good points. But to my way of thinking, indispensable means not only an impact player but also one that has little proven depth behind him to the point that losing him would be tantamount to basically writing off the season. Last year when the mutts lost Gurley (spelling?) for a while it made...
  2. Spring Position Battle - WDE

    I saw Travin play against the high school that I teach at. He literally never left the field playing both ways and on special teams as well. He was clearly the best player on the field but with those two teams that was not really saying that much.
  3. Darren Waller suspended

    Agree 100%/ Our boys need to do less tweeting and more lifting. At this rate, the only trophies they are going to be getting are participation trophies for all the yammering they do.
  4. Top three GT games you have been to?

    Welcome to the board. Only my second post. My top three will unfortunately, date me. Alabama vs. Tech at Grant Field 1961 ( I was eight years old and distinctly remember Don Toner intercepting that pass) Tech vs. Clemson ACC championship game. Still don't know how we over came that...
  5. Paul Johnson recruiting Q&A with AJC

    First time posting. I guess I am peculiar because the part of the interview that I was most intrigued with was the last part about position evaluation. I was always under the impression that linemen were the most difficult to project because of maturity and growth factors but what he said...