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    Today in Analytics...

    ESPN QBR vs PFF offense ratings. PFF is based on film study (the “eye” test) while QBR is based on the game numbers (attempts, completions, TDs, interceptions, etc.). Upper right is what you want—you’re getting results and you’re doing the right thing. Upper left and lower right are “maybe it’s...
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    Duke Week + Homecoming

    Jenkins still should have caught that, BUT if Sims had put the ball in front of Jenkins he could have gone for a LOT more yardage. That's the difference between missed first downs and huge gains.
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    Duke Week + Homecoming

    I'm saying that the highlighted portion is REALLY important
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    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    Tillman, Seymore, and Turner have only been here a year. A big slice of the staff have only been here one year. I don't know that I'd say that this year's staff is tied at the hip to Collins--many of them are less tied to Collins than Key is. BTW, our ramblinwreck pages either need updating or...
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    Duke Week + Homecoming

    There’s a writeup of this week’s ACC slate at Duke's defense has feasted on turnovers and the team has a +6 turnover differential. In fewer words, they probably won't drop 4 interceptions like Pitt did. Weinke needs to...
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    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    Don’t underestimate how much a bad boss can undo the best work of their subordinates, whether competently or incompetently. One thing that says Key has talent is that he tried to leave—someone wanted him and he wanted to improve his environment We will see if more stories leak out over the...
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    Duke Week + Homecoming

    GT opens as three point underdogs at home against Duke.
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    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    Am I going to over-emphasize one game after three 1/4 years? no Do I think that some of the assistants may have been unfairly tainted while coaching a no-win situation? yes Do I think Collins got in the way of the assistants doing their job? it seems likely Do I know which coaches are really...
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    Dish & Sling subscribers - Ouch!!

    Sling is back:
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    2022 Atlanta Braves

    Braves magic number is 1 game.
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    “Competing” open Head Coaching jobs

    Notre Dame and LSU are both unhappy camps right now, too. They'll probably get a little better, though. EDIT: Does Harsin make sense at Colorado?
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    “Competing” open Head Coaching jobs

    As of October 2nd, the following programs have interim head coaches Georgia Tech (that’s us) Colorado (Dorrell) Wisconsin (Paul Cryst) Nebraska (Scott Frost) Arizona State (Herm Edwards) Programs likely to fire their coach: Auburn There's a tracker at...
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    ACC Discussion 2022

    Hale does not think we’ve turned a corner. Maybe a win against Duke will convince him…
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    HC Candidate List

    Yeah, why would anyone want to watch an offense like this?
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    Beautiful plays

    From yesterday