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    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Thats an L. Baylor is gonna win if Tech doesnt get in
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    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    And they somehow beat Michigan by like 10
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    ACC Discussion 2020-21

    Is B.C still missing a bunch of players for their game tonight against Wake?
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    CGC impact

    I had damn good time at Tech. Probably too much fun
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    Has the ACC fallen to the bottom of the Power 5?

    Lol y Lol you rlly want the acc to be the worst. Imagine taking the time to try to convince everyone the team you root for conference is the worst when no ones trying to say their the best.
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    North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    As someone who has watched every minute of every game he needs to get a lot better if hes gonna take over point for jose next year. Alot. He has time so hopefully he works hard and improves alot.
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    Nate Woody . . .

    Peeples wasnt a game changer
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    National Signing Day Coverage

    Isnt he always trolling?
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    Demetrius Knight position change

    Seems pointless. Dont like it
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    ACC Discussion 2020-21

    Illinois is Really good. The best 3 teams I have seen so far are Baylor, Gonzaga, and Illinois. Iowa maybe 4th but not sure on them yet.
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    #DUKEvsGT Postgame Discussion

    Hope Gibbs is ok. Hammys are tricky so hoping hes not done for the year. Good to see the W. Funny if we lost this would be a 20 page thread.
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    GT vs. Georgia St.

    anyway to attend this game? I want to go
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    ACC Media Preseason Poll 2020-21

    Its hard to see Florida State being as good after losing 2 lottery picks.
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    ACC Discussion 2020-21

    I think we are way better than 60. No one will give us any respect though because we haven't been good in so long. Hopefully we crack the top 25 during the year. When was the last time we were ranked during a season?