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    Jamie Foxx at GT

    Great movie
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    Graduation Success Rates

    Not sure if every Coach has always done this but this is pretty cool.
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    Jalen Camp Drafted by the Jaguars

    Jalen is a beast. I think he will start. Watch out for him.
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    Spring Game Friday April 23rd

    That’s awesome and a tough choice indeed.
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    Spring Training 2021

    This new kid editing the vids is really good.
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    Spring Training 2021

    Lol I’m dead
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    Spring Training 2021

    Dylan Leonard or Dylan Deveney?
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    Spring Training 2021

    Praise be!
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    ProJackets Update

    Ya your right.... I’m getting old
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    ProJackets Update

    Dang that’s crazy I never knew that. I remember he was one of the top WRs in the league at one point. Feel bad for him.
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    ProJackets Update

    Random question but what happened to Demaryius Thomas?
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    Spring Training 2021

    Ya but single digit numbers make you look faster 😉
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    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Well this makes me feel a little better.
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    Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    I’m sorry but y’all need to wake the **** up if you think we are gonna lose to Loyola. Rodney will do just fine and we will spank them. Illinois is a different story but we are ACC champs for god sake! Get woke!