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  1. BDS - what section is the best???

    If sun were not an issue there is no view better anywhere than the upper east stands because they hang so closely over the field. But I moved to the west years ago to avoid the afternoon sun.
  2. Ga. Broadcasters H.O.F.: The Great Al Ciraldo, Sr.

    He had that wonderful staccato type cadence. For basketball, i remember “charity stripe” and “bunny shot”. For football, it was “hold onto your seats brother and sister”, “there’s a thriller brewing”, “toe meets leather,”, stanzas for quarters, and starting the broadcasts dramatically...
  3. Ga. Broadcasters H.O.F.: The Great Al Ciraldo, Sr.

    I grew up listening to Al and he had his own unique vocabulary for football and basketball. Really made it exciting to listen to games.
  4. GT @ PITT (2/21/2023) GAME THREAD

    I like Pastner personally also and have rooted for him to succeed . But it is just not going to happen. On the positive side, after the game last night, the ACC network showed a documentary on Lethal Weapon 3 from 1990. It was nice to remember the way things once were. I would love to be...
  5. Has anyone heard about season ticket renewals yet?

    Renewed today in 109. Let’s fill it up this year!
  6. CBK Presser

    I have the signed copy too and got it the exact same way, buying it for my Dad as a gift. Dodd had a book signing at the mall.

    Do you think losing the assistant Reveno has had an adverse effect as well? The inside play has been miserable.
  8. GT/FSU rivalry in the 90s

    I was at both games that day. I left the Tech game early to go to the Braves game thinking we had it won. Before the Tech game, Deon, who played for the Braves, pulled up in a sports car and parked next to the Edge Center to hold court with the FSU fans.
  9. Nate McCollom to UNC

    That play against UCF was one of the best I have ever seen. Took a ton of heart to make that play. Losing Nate hurts, but we have to move on. Go Tech!
  10. Clemson Game 12/21/2022 7:30 PM

    Looks like a very poorly coached team, especially on offense. And do we ever make the first free throw when we go to the line?
  11. General News about Key and his Staff

    Disagree. I do not experience near the excitement of a game watching it on TV as I do from the stands. When there is a big crowd and an exciting play, there is nothing like being there to me. What has ruined it for me in person or on TV are interminable TV timeouts. They have to do...
  12. Brent Key Introductory Press Conference

    Let’s open our wallets and make CBK’s contribution irrelevant. The fans need to get behind him and the team.
  13. General News about Key and his Staff

    I agree that was his best line. Let’s also not forget his basketball phrases such as the “charity stripe” for free throws and calling jump shots “bunny shots”. Also he sometimes called football quarters “stanzas”.