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  1. Jose

    Definitely see him coaching at GT after his NBA career. He has the basketball IQ every player needs…
  2. Roster management

    Sounds simple enough🤔
  3. Boston College 9:00 pm on Wednesday

    At least they couldn’t play both of their bigs at the same time because we were too quick if both were on the court. Unfortunately most all of our ready talent is about the same size (or smaller!)
  4. Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    I hope to see more of Maxwell going forward. Like his toughness. I know he’s in a position of strength for us this year. But I like his upside..
  5. Josh Pastner Pressers

  6. Morehouse Exhibition Game

    I think Khalid will be the sixth (or seventh or eighth) man. He’s super important for this team. He brings a lot to the table and will get plenty of minutes.
  7. Returning players for 2021-22

    Russian for “busting my tail”😊
  8. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    They lose Walker & I think some others, Gray, Barnes, Kop, etc., will go pro. I ‘predict’ they go backwards next year...
  9. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    I was in shock as well. Feel very bad for José. He’s been amazing. This team is fun to watch but causing blood pressure issues!! I do love this team & our players. Beat Pitt!!
  10. North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    Well, we have defeated 2 “blue bloods” of college basketball. Even with the obvious recruiting advantages, there is a lot of parity. Lots of talented basketball players! Bring on Duke... and Kansas too!! Let’s take ‘em all down...
  11. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    Clemson, FSU, and our Jackets!
  12. They go to Sheetz; we go to Nachos

    Got off cheap with that piñata!
  13. AJC Article - Pastner Tries Unheard of Plan

    “20-20” hindsight is easy for us. With all the craziness with cancelled football games, how can we really blame him for him for overreacting? But, you’re right - it was obviously a mistake watching those first 2 games!!
  14. Week until KY - What is your list?

    Can’t afford to lose that...