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  1. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    i was so focused tonight on us getting in by winning that i almost forgot to savor rat face not getting in by losing. helluva night for the good guys.
  2. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    BYU must have guys that are older than Pastner
  3. Crucial DPI on GT call. Video/GIf in post.

    wouldnt have mattered. CDP would have pissed away any opportunities the d gave him. this didnt lose us the game.
  4. Support The Swarm Fund

    anyone else notice tstan used some just for men and has started working on his canadian hockey mullet? looking sharp!
  5. GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    know these transfers weren’t full-time starters but pretty consistent contributors. was curious, so i looked it up. top players on the team averaged ~35mins per game (31 games). diouf (12.4), carson (22.0), and jefferson (6.5) total to about 40mins and 18 starts. so basically between the...
  6. Uni combo

    we’re now 3-1 against adidas-sponsored schools, this year, and 0-for-everyone-else. thanks, adidas!
  7. GT Introduces 404 Tailgate

    is this in addition to or in place of the lettermen’s tailgate? isn’t that on top of peters, too?
  8. Mack Brown (UNC) doing his best CGC

    i dont think that’s mack brown. is that maybe his uncle/cousin/whatever that works at unc?
  9. New WBB Coach: Nell Fortner

    another one... 5-star 33 overall 11th rated pg
  10. New WBB Coach: Nell Fortner

    hoopgurlz 79th ranked player overall 4-star (top 54 were 5-star)
  11. Question

    It’s number of (varsity) letters the player has earned.
  12. GT Hoops General Topics

    dion glover is on same team, too. interesting.
  13. Patenaude talks offense for GT ...

    i may have missed it but did he say if his offense is built for 3rd and long?
  14. Taylor Bennett

    Looks like he's running for office. Sorry if re-post or wrong forum. Nice vid of his td reception from Choice.