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  1. Summer League thread

    I'm really excited to see Campbell back, he has to be the favorite to start at SS or 2nd
  2. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    It's insane how much this one play turned the game around. I think we win the game if this doesn't happen. I also get his frustration. Thomas has like 50 yards on QB sneaks.
  3. Summer League thread

    Prince has played really well so far this summer too. The OF is going to be a great battle to watch, with Deleo and Reid, plus the guys that have had good summers.
  4. Are we getting our $$$ worth out of Danny Borrell?

    With that kind of size, he seems right up Hall's alley. He as always had a strange love of really tall pitchers. I was talking with some other Tech grads about if Borrell is too focused on the analytics and that was why we struggled last year.
  5. Summer League thread

    Cameron Hill made the NECBL all-star game.
  6. 2022 MLB Draft

    Deleo made the Cape All Star game.
  7. 2022 MLB Draft Looks like King is gone.
  8. 2022 MLB Draft

    Yeah, I saw King in Baseball America's ranking and was surprised. He's not that highly rated by Perfect Game, IIRC.
  9. 2022 MLB Draft

  10. 2022 Transfer Portal

    IIRC, he got hurt in the fall and had Tommy John.
  11. 2022 MLB Draft Parada 7, Samol 82, Maxwell 86, Stanford 90. Stanford as a pitcher.
  12. Summer League thread

    Deleo with the grand slam yesterday.
  13. Summer League thread

    Ranked 5th per Perfect Game. I'm here for it.
  14. 2022 MLB Draft Parada 7, Maxwell 86, Stanford 90 as a pitcher, Samol 82