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  1. NCAA Ruling - Postseason Ban, Among Other Bogus Things...

    Like fired for cause done or won't survive how bad we will be for years done?
  2. GT - Offensive Base Run Plays

    Yep, also on the play specifically shown in the article the ball is thrown behind the LOS, so the penalty would not apply. Running an RPO with Inside or Outside Zone in one direction, then a bubble screen the other can put a lot of stress on the defense horizontally without worrying about...
  3. The NCAA and transfer waivers

    For both of these cases the player was over the 100 mile radius from home rule. Not defending the NCAA here as Ford has no good options within that radius and the other player is barely outside it. But as far as it applies to our transfers, Ezzard is within that radius and Clayton is not.
  4. Coach Key on Twitter today

    Every coach posted a version of this graphic. This has nothing to do with Braun
  5. Does CPJ redshirt Chimedza?

    Both sources are the difference is Miami, not Alcorn. He definitely played against Alcorn. I personally don't remember anything about him playing against Miami
  6. Does CPJ redshirt Chimedza?

    He has played 3 per the official participation record:
  7. Times set for 4 games!!!

    It's the "ACC Network", still produced by ESPN and still given a higher priority than 7PM on ESPNU, at least in their minds. Just shown on RSN or streamed if you have ESPN channels in your cable package.
  8. Times set for 4 games!!!

    Sigh.... Alright so here's the thing. ESPN doesn't have it out for Tech, they want viewers and they don't care about your personal game day experience at all. It's important to remember that the 12:30 game isn't considered the bottom of the barrel in terms of priority. In fact, that slot is...
  9. Film Room Tax 2 Defense Slow Motions

    That's the QB. This is wildcat. He was probably told not to push it.
  10. Film Room The Summer Push VT Play 14

    Ok, so a couple things: This is a Veer, and not a called dive. DE and OLB are not blocked, and Jordan appears to be making a read. Also, that brings me to my next point: What hasn't been mentioned in this thread is the fact that on a Veer, the OL does not know what reads are being made...
  11. Mills

    World Record is 12.8 so that's not bad for a high schooler. Not bad at all.
  12. Adam Gotsis and DJ White receive NFL Combine Invites

    He won't be ready for drills other than bench press. He's mostly there to get measured and to have team doctors check out his knee to see how well it's coming along.
  13. ProJackets Update

    Lou Young Promoted to the Panthers' Active Roster