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    Collins’ salary 56th among FBS coaches USA Today Report

    I am hoping (wishful thinking?) that Coach Choice and Coach Coleman are not just doing it for the $, but more so as an opportunity to "come home" after making bank in the NFL. Otherwise, they are certainly at risk of departing for green pastures as some of the lowest-paid coaches in the ACC.
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    Agree with you on Miami and UVA, but not sure about BC. BC, even with a backup QB, is playing better than expected so far. At least we get them and VT at home.
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    You're probably correct, but winning 2 of our remaining 4 ACC games is not too much of a stretch. With half a season's data, several predictive computer rankings have the 3 remaining Coastal teams on our schedule ranked in the same vicinity as us (midrange of FBS). Hoping the bye week allows us...
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    What GT does - Pass Blocking

    Just want to echo @Yaller Jacket's post above - it seems in the "interception plays", the play blows up not because we are being manhandled, or had a bad scheme, it's because one guy failed to block the right opponent. This should be readily correctable via coaching and reps, and I remain...
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    Opposing fan perspective

    Appreciate your opinions and insight. For 2), I still don't understand why, since we had to know the same facts you stated (especially after the first couple of failed attempts), we kept choosing to do it, even on absolutely critical downs.
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    #PittvsGT Postgame

    I'm not giving our defense a pass by any means, but they didn't give up 50 points. That's an easy hot take when you just look at the score. The offense gifted, from an EPA perspective, at least 10 points directly via two picks. After our D forced a punt on Pitt's first possession, our offense...
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    #UNCvsGT Postgame

    Good summary. I thought exactly the same thing on the bolded observation - hoping that coach Key noticed it as well.
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    #UNCvsGT Postgame

    These are posted on in the schedule section under the appropriate game of interest. The UNC game is See page 7. I've heard that these game summaries aren't always100% on player participation.
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    Jordan Yates

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    CGC/Dabo Post Game Pressers

    FEI ratings had Clemson ranked as the #1 defense going into our game. Haven't seen a post-game update for that particular stat but I suspect they may remain near the top. I didn't hear Collins say "best of all time"; I heard "best in college football", which is not just hype if you agree with...
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    Credit for the Win today

    It's a natural, some would say knee-jerk reaction among many fans to call for firing the coach after a disappointing or unexpected loss. But to put it in perspective, there's another message board that specifically bans calls for firing the coach. I'm not exactly sure why, but their policies...
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    PFF Season Grades to date

    Really hope Juanyeh can step up his game. Someone mentioned injury, so I wonder if he's still playing hurt. I pointed out in another thread that his tackling often seems lacking, almost like he's not trying to get his opponent to the ground. When he first started playing for us, he seemed...
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    Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    I’m in the camp that thinks we have not met expectations in the W/L column but agree with @Billygoat91 that our offense and play calling with Yates at QB has been a pleasant surprise. Last year our offense ranked 92nd (source:
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    Thread to actually discuss football

    On NIU's long pass completion in their last series, it appears that #1 attempts to tackle by grabbing the shoulders, which is ineffective and contributes to the YAC. I've seen him do this on other tackle attempts as well. Hopefully, the coaches are noticing this and providing some tacking tips.
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    PFF Season Grades to date

    Agree in general although I don't remember his fumbling (maybe mentally blocking those out?). It's more of a comment on how PFF can be a useful tool, but the grades can also be taken with a grain of salt due to the stats they use for grading. I mean, JT doesn't even make the top list yet he was...