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    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    I remember a story from Shaq when he was young and first got his big NBA paycheck and was buying cars and burning money like it was oil. He finally had an older mentor in his life sit him down and work through financial intelligence and basically saved him from bankrupting himself. I hope the...
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    Mark Richt

    Not sure if many of you all saw. But Mark Richt has been officially diagnosed with Parkinsons. I truly feel bad for him and hope that he is able to control it to the best of his ability. Mark Richt was a great competitor and rival of GT for years between uGAg and Miami. Super respectful guy and...
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    GT vs UNC; I'll take the Coastal for $500 Alex

    Costal Champs!!!! Kudos to the Tech Bats for getting the run support early. Very happy with Marquis Grissom Jr. today, he had a solid outing. Very very good win even though it got a little hairy at the end!
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    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    Another thing to keep in mind, "Point of clarification from the #GaTech side on today’s new law in Georgia- They have no plans of taking any of the NIL money an athlete makes for redistribution." -Russell Johnson So Tech isnt planning on taking anyones money and redistributing it to anyone...
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    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    What do you mean by corruption? I think this is great for the student athletes and the school. This expands our merchandising we can do and it allows players to get recognition and rewards for being a good and popular player. If you arent a good player, you dont get playing time and no one buys...
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    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    On July 1st of this year a Name and Likeness bill will be going into effect in GA. This bill will be signed on thursday by Gov. Brian Kemp at uGA. This is huge for GT! With a place that has such a huge emphasis on branding and such large media and company connections, GT recruiting and GT...
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    Pressley Harvin Drafted by the Steelers

    I would just like to remind everyone. Pressley Harvin was offered back in February of 2016, he committed in March of 2016 and became the first player in our class of '17. He bought into Tech and believed in us from the start and gave us his all from day 1, and I must say even back when he was...
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    Spring Game Friday April 23rd

    List of Big Recruits at Game MJ Morris '22 Mykel William's '22 Jack Luttrell '23 (Top ATH in his class) Adaewoyin Tobi '25 (8th Grader who is apparently a stud) Azareyah Thomas '22 Chris Martin '24 Top QB in class Obviously there were many more recruits that showed up and saw the game, but...
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    Spring Game Friday April 23rd

    Mykel William's is a few seats down from me, he looks like hes enjoying himself at the game. Hope he sees himself coming to Tech!
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    End of Season Coaches Poll

    Very disappointing results to see here. I feel as if not many people give us the credit we deserve for being ACC champs and having an overall great season minus the two starting hiccups. Even more disappointing to see VT and FSU ahead of us. Let's run it back this upcoming season. Let the...
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    2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    PM Sent
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    2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

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    Goooooood Mornin Sports Fans! Today we have the sweet sixteen matchup between 1 seed South Carolina Gameflops (Yuck!) and the #5 seed Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets! Let's get hype and let's get this win!
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    2020 Volleyball

    Gt splits weekend series this weekend. Loses to #11 LVille 0-3 and then sweeps unranked NC State 3-0. The team is hurting from the early injury of Mattie McKissock as she was a huge part of the team and reigning ACC Setter of the Year. Team still looks great, but rough on the edges
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    ProJackets Update

    The Jags just love GT players dont they