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    ACC Network Updates

    Where did you find this list?
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    Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    Still nothing on ESPN app... Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Latest bowl projections - Us vs. Missy State, Ole Miss, Mich St. or Wisconsin?

    I don't totally understand how this works. This blog post on ESPN makes it seem like it won't be a Big Ten team in the Orange Bowl. So, Mississippi State?
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    Where to buy GT Apparel

    As an out-of-state alumnus, it's impossible to find any brick and mortar locations that carry GT gear. I'd like to buy some decent-looking GT apparel that isn't ridiculously expensive. Where do y'all shop for shirts, hats, etc? Edit: or do I have to wait until we drop Russell?
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    2014 uniforms

    This. There's no way we have houndstooth helmets... Alabama has a monopoly on that pattern, and no one is eager to take it from them.
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    2014 uniforms

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    2014 uniforms

    Does this prevent bubble wrap numerals from here on out?
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    2014 uniforms

    I've seen similar comments elsewhere and it blows my mind every time I hear it. They are hideous, unreadable, and didn't even go with the pants. They were unfinished at best.