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    Brutal schedule / expectations

    <Spittake> VT??? You’ve already forgotten how they absolutely destroyed us 3 months ago, at home! A few recent upsets in Blacksburg were fun but that game is almost definitely an L
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    Next schedule brutal... whatever

    Might cocky of some of you discounting UCF, let alone chalking them up as a win. After falling to “only” 10-3 last year, their QB Mackenzie Milton who led the Knights to 25 STRAIGHT WINS before injury is back in the picture.
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    Baylor's Matt Ruhle new N C Panthers head coach.

    Thankfully the Falcons did not fire Dan Quinn to send themselves back to square one along with the Panthers. Big-picture, Ruhle faces an uphill battle in the NFC South behind two teams led by their respective best QB in franchise history, and the Bucs trending up. Here’s hoping the division’s...
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    Georgia Tech Volleyball With 6 Straight...SWEEPS

    That was one riveting set! Starting out with a 7-1 lead, then playing from behind until the 20s, and then pulling it out in the end. Surprising this national final isn’t televised somewhere besides the South Dakota feed.
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    Bulovas choked

    Bulovas misses another big Bama Kick! Ha ha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What's he doing??

    Waiting for that Tennessee job to open up again. What a twilight zone scenario that would be putting CPJ in charge of a team with automatic top 20 recruiting classes year in year out.
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    Darren Waller Rejuvenated

    Coming out of GT, imo Darren dropped too many passes to make it as a pro. (Drops in the Senior Bowl too). How awesome to see how far he’s come, turning his weakness into the strongest part of his game! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wesley Wells

    Again, Wells didn’t just “make” his “9 short range attempts”. Seemingly every kick split the uprights.
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    Wesley Wells

    Would be great if we could ask GTBob to make a cut-up video of every Wells kick compared with all King’s. If memory serves Wells didn’t just make ‘em — he nailed them all straight down the middle of the uprights. Whereas King was a doinked extra point waiting to happen. Also kickoffs. Nothing...
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    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    Sure weather forecasting and climate science and two different complex systems. Thank you for calling out your own bogus attempt to link the two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    False equivalency. That’d be kinda like if you said, “The local sports guy can’t even predict how many 1st downs Alabama will get in tomorrow’s game, but we are supposed to believe ESPN saying Bama Football will have a bigger budget than Vanderbilt in ten years.” (Had to substitute Vandy for GT...
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    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    Quick google.
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    How Many Point Will Georgia Tech Score On The Citadel?

    Sure hope that scenario plays out (even though our offense hasn’t shown capability of putting up 40+). This would be our one & only chance to catch a glimpse of Jordan Yates this season (assuming he’s ATL for the Citadel game of course).
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    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record. “If it seems like you've heard this before, you have: Eighteen of the hottest 19 years have occurred since 2001”
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    Ticket exchange

    Pretty sure I heard and “airrrballll...” chant taunting Alvarado. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk