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  1. Matt Rhule/Collins Connection

    Can’t really “like“ this statement, but I agree with you 100% on this. Shanahan should be doing time.
  2. New Pro Jackets Progress

    I reckon this counts as Pro Jackets progress:
  3. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Ahmarean having a game for Sakalina over the Holes.
  4. Stansbury

    I understand keeping internal accountability in the locker room, but the apparent lack of reaction you reference seems part of the “mushroom” (in the dark, fed BS) treatment we fans are picking up from this staff. No-call coach’s radio show, non-stop coach speak at press conferences - we’re all...
  5. Everybody wants to hold the baby. Nobody wants to go through labor.

    I appreciate the well-meaning perspective of an outsider who has provided thoughtful input over a number of years. Perceiving this as a lecture is on you. I perceived as reasoned and unemotional.
  6. How to watch today??

    If you go in and click the event, it will either tell you it hasn’t started or is blacked out in your area.
  7. Pitt is favored

    Now that’s just embarrassing. Need to open a can on them Saturday.
  8. Help!!!

    Today at 4:00.
  9. What would it take this year for you to be open to the idea that we're on the right track?

    The most recent terrible loss always seems like the worst terrible loss. I’ve seen too many similar (to some degree) wtf performances under pretty much every HC for at least the past 40+ years to be shattered by another one. Pretty tough to be a Tech fan without keeping some small pilot light of...
  10. Temple @ Rutgers delay due to Ida

    This is mile from my house. Access out of here still cut off to the south and west. Nothing like LA though.
  11. Temple @ Rutgers delay due to Ida

    River got real close to the stadium:
  12. 2021 Preseason Thread

    Some upbeat comments from a BC beat writer on CGC. Surprised where he puts their coach, given their performance his first season.
  13. ACC Tourney

    I hear you. My most hated team since pre- Sampson-Goza. It’s unnatural.
  14. coaching/QB discussion from Clayton thread

    Y’all open your presents on the 23rd? I’m up for the Christmas morning thrill of the game time reveal.
  15. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    State delays opener at vippy sue.