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  1. Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    For GT it is primarily basketball money. Paid out $6.1M in the previous decade to Hewitt and $1.3M to Gregory. The biggest payout to a football coach was Ted Roof who got $1.4M. Nate Woody got $640K and CPJ got $333K. Other interesting note is that GT's dead money is more than any other ACC...
  2. Now BRONCO? WTH, Coastal?

    Keep in mind Poindexter only became DC at Penn St one week ago when their previous AD was hired by VT. He was their safeties coach before that.
  3. Is Dabo gone too?

    This is now being reported as official. Supposedly $8M/yr plus significant investment in football facilities. D-Rad supposedly was onboard to come if they were able to hire Cristobal, but nothing official has been released yet there. Alamo Bowl may be the most interesting bowl as it has 2 big...
  4. CFP set

    For those in Atlanta it is expected that the Peach Bowl will be Pitt vs ND.
  5. GT Legend Dan Radakovich to be next Miami AD

    First, Ivy is correct about the basketball hires. Also, a note on Clemson. It looks like Venables might be headed to Oklahoma.
  6. Final season rankings 1-130

    Here are a couple of others for those that are masochists. CBS Sports College Football 130 Rankings. This has not been updated for yesterday's games yet but they are unlikely to affect anything but the top 10. College...
  7. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Collins is going to be the DC, extra money can be used for OC. Whether it is a good idea for Collins to be the DC is a debatable topic. My concern there is he seems to struggle with HC duties and now has to add DC duties to his list.
  8. Now BRONCO? WTH, Coastal?

    That could end up being good for UVA if they make the right hire. By the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like he is being fired - which likely means no big buyout. They are clearly a better program than when he arrived, but they could be better with the right coaching hire. They definitely need...
  9. CFP Expansion

    As mentioned the NCAA has basically nothing to do with FBS football and actually gets 0% of its revenue from FBS games. The NCAA gets its money from college basketball and in particular March Madness. That accounts for around 80% of its revenue. The P5 + ND control college football and make...
  10. CFP Expansion

    Good look at how chaotic it could get
  11. CFP Expansion

    Cincy is in a funny spot. The CFP will look for almost any reason not to include them. UGA is in win or lose. If Bama wins it is in. If it loses then it depends upon what happens with all the other schools. Mich is in with a win. With a loss it would once again depend upon other schools. Ok St...
  12. Dontae Smith (nothing bad)

    Mason is graduating and not returning.
  13. Stansbury

    There are always multiple variables in play. First, when you are not a destination job (and GT is certainly not) changing coaches after three years is not going to be attractive to other coaches. Second, You as an AD have to balance all the money factors, including the contract. Third, the most...
  14. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    With the addition of NIL and the changes to the transfer rules this is going to be an every year occurence. 1000+ kids in the portal every year. I think the Dr. Pepper commercial summed it up pretty well. There will be winners and losers in the portal and the winners are more likely to be the...
  15. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Nobody has to sit out if they haven't already transferred. With the new rules every SA gets one 'free' transfer where they are eligible immediately. It's only if you transfer more than once that you have to sit a year.