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  1. Student engagement

    This game was on a Wednesday at 9 PM. I’m sure the Greek life students were looking forward to this as it would start after chapter ended. A lot of games over the years have been played at wednesdays at 7 when chapter starts
  2. Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    Their fans seemed completely classless as well. I know the ump was having a rough game but they were booing every single ball and strike call from the beginning of the game. The fact that we gave them a run for their money makes me think their season won't end how they think it will
  3. UNC Series

    That’s a rough sequence of events. Let’s hold on!
  4. FSU Series

    I’m probably not right but I wonder if the hitters feel pressure from the poor pitching. The hitters seem to have confidence so they know they can do damage in any count
  5. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…um…er…Tashard Choice? (TX?)

    My comment was sort of tongue in cheek because CTC leaving is just pouring salt in our wounds. I can’t help but believe it wasn’t at least a factor. Either way , I won’t stress it.
  6. Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    the mutt knew they had bigger fish to fry in Atlanta . I’m sure they will return to their natural state next week in MBS
  7. Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    I was surprised. They could have kicked us when we were down but their fans had mercy. Being in the stands was actually a good time save from having to watch what was on the field
  8. Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    Myself and 2 friends will be there rain or shine. Can’t miss an opportunity to yell “To Hell With Georgia” the dwags in the house. Even when we had a rough 2019 season the THWG was still the loudest. Also , a chance to watch a CFP team live ;)
  9. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I agree with you. I always said 2022 would be the measuring stick. If we’re not competitive and all this nonsense like late substitutions isn’t cleaned up then he’s good as gone.
  10. Vegas odds

    I’m not sure what would have happened vs ND. I will admit that I stopped watching at 24-0. It was the first game I could watch in over a month and I couldn’t stomach what I saw. Every time I flipped back, notre dame had another score Regardless, my original comment was more to say uga is a...
  11. TStan hires new CFO

    While you all are trolling these boards, I hope someone (alumni or GTAA) is trying to figure out how to fix our football mess. At least we've got the defending ACC champs in the Thrillerdome!
  12. Vegas odds

    I honestly don't think it matters
  13. Get out the Flea Spray; GT Traveling to the pound Friday Night Lights! [email protected]

    To be fair to our fan base, most big time programs' stadiums are dead around this time as well. Holiday breaks and playing low tier teams. However, I hope we show up for Wisco and the ACC schedule!