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  1. Black Watch Replica Leak

    Nope - there is even an article on about it. We were going to attempt a pass, but Ross Browner sacked Lanier for an 8 yard loss. We never attempted one. I was also at the 1974 game in Athens and we completed several passes in that game
  2. Black Watch Replica Leak

    You have your years confused. The “no pass” game was in 1976 when Pepper was coach and we ran the wishbone. We for some reason scheduled ND for Homecoming. We were 40 point underdogs. With Gary Lanier running the wishbone we didn’t attempt a pass and won 23-14 I think. The following year (1977)...
  3. Lady Jackets 73 Lady Dogs 40

    In addition we out scored them 72-27 after we were down 13-1 near the end of the 1st Q. Build a statue of Nell!
  4. Ogletree Wins US Amateur Championship

    Here is a cool coincidence. The last GT player to win the Am was Kuchar in 1997. He played with the defending champion in the Masters in the spring of 1998. A player named Tiger Woods, who had won his first Masters in 1997. Next spring, Andy will be playing with the defending champion - Tiger...