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    2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    That looks like so much fun. Tech needs to find some ducats to lock down a few of our assistants and the S&C staff.
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    Antonneous Clayton

    That was the advice my mom gave to me when my first was born. You can't take of your family if you're not taking care of yourself. I agree with what you say, that sentiment can be applied in all aspects of life.
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    Game 9 Media #GTvsNCSU

    If we continue to develop on the offensive line, Coach P will have some of (if not the) the best pieces in the ACC to build a powerful offense. We're young yes and prone to some stupid mistakes, but our guys at the skill positions are outstanding.
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    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

    probably wants to keep the luck going. Not sure if pants will save us today, but still hoping!
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    Dave Patenaude's Offense

    What topic will last longer despite its irrelevance to today? Coach Paul Johnson and the option? OR Hilary's emails? :LOL:
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    Coach Coleman's got his Mind Rite

    So I was skeptical of M Coleman when he joined. As a recruiter and coach, I think legendary players have a hard time doing both. You have to be in part humble and patient (deal with stupid teenagers. We were all there once) and an extremely hard worker. I, for one, after a great nfl career + nfl...
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    End of Half Clock Management

    I was in about 10 Miller lites at that point, and said to myself “Myself, what is this guy thinkin’?” So, anyway, when will my P5 head coach check clear? Please make it out to Mr. Potato Head. It’s Dutch, the “ato” is silent
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    Red Zone Offense

    I thought Falcons disease is not being able to cover a TE, or maybe its not forcing a QB to throw into "tight coverage" in an entire game due to abysmal secondary? Actually, I think its being the only team in NFL history to score 39 points, have 0 turnover and still lose, no wait that can't be...
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    CPJ Players Upset Not Getting Swag

    I’ve spoken to swilling a few times and one was quite candid. At the Louisville game, it was brief, we were blowing them out. Alls well. the other was at the letter winner tailgate. Collins was at the helm at this point. in both conversations, he was not at all critical of CPJ (as he was gone...
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    Gibbs Named ACC Rookie of the Week

    I am stunned how good d Smith is..That dude could legitimately start at many acc schools. you probably have to play Gibbs but if we didn’t, I don’t think people would see much drop off right now. Smith is a smooth runner, natural catcher out of the backfield and has a bit of pop on his run...
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    The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    So I love cpj, as evidenced by my photo. That being said, he is not a modern coach. You can get away with being a public curmudgeon when you’re winning, but the behind the scenes, coaches need to stay on the cutting edge of recruiting and hiring the right coaches to bring in the right players...
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    man, so I guess you know how it feels? Great source but not 100% accurate but your source actually was correct where it mattered (Gibbs didn’tplay) weird
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    distinction without difference. Gibbs couldn’t play. I guess buzzdraft, like cnn, is generally accurate.
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    agree w everything but I think you’re understating the strides the OL has made and their game they put together. The fact that we could even suggest they’d be dominant against that DL after last season is crazy. sims showed amazing poise, knew when to step in the pocket and make the pass, but...
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    lol. Props for “falling on your sword”, but don’t take it so hard. Folks on here ragging on you need to get a life. I mean, a couple hrs of thinking Gibbs didn’t travel really shouldn’t affect people so deeply. Lol