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    Here's the early line for the GT-Tennessee game

    I'm not sure how it will compare to the turf in the new stadium, but GT shouldn't be completely out of their element on artificial turf...
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    Slow motion video GT v Pitt

    Been out of the forum for a while, love to see you're still doing this. I learn a lot about our offense every time! Cheers.
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    Robert Godhigh - The Cutback

    Made the trip to Clemson for this game... that run was probably the highlight!
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    Is signing day the most important?

    This discussion would have been more appropriate yesterday, in honor of the movie Groundhog Day.
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    Virtual Reality Recruiting

    We do some VR work at my job and it's not terribly difficult to setup something like this, relatively speaking (shoot 360 video, bring it into the Gear VR). You see 360 video on Facebook which has a similar setup. It does take vision to jump on something like this (e.g. recording that video...
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    He's Back....

    This is the best news I've heard in a while. There is no doubt that TW understood the how all the pieces of the offense fit together. He's better here than at AT&T. :-)
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    With the majority of my family being dwag fans, I am very thankful for this board! They are being pretty nice this year, on the whole. Trash talk is only fun when both teams are doing well, it seems. I'm also thankful for the friend of a family member who is an FSU fan. We had a jolly moment...
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    noonish kickoff vs Miami

    Miami has the most obnoxious fans in the ACC. I'm always happy to swim in their tears.
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    Thanks for the kind words about Custom Made... it's amazing that something I did on a lark still...

    Thanks for the kind words about Custom Made... it's amazing that something I did on a lark still has this much staying power! As for the Winnepeg Arena, it no longer exists... likely due to the torching that took place when Flair visited ;-)
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    GT (-5) vs. VT

    We always bring a good game to VT, and they always bring a good game to GT. They will play hard for Frank Beamer... it will be a tough game.
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    Mic'd Up: Jerry Attaochu

    He's come a long way since warming up chicken nuggets with an iron before the Music City Bowl:
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    You guys are about to visit the worst atmosphere in the ACC

    If Al Golden can be fired (I think it cost Miami an extra $4 million to get rid of him early, could be wrong), Mike London's number must be up, soon. He'd probably be more beloved if Virginia played in the Atlantic. You lose FSU and Clemson each year but likely win most of the rest with the...
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    Pitt Predictions

    Home game after losing 3 of 4 on the road should work wonders. I expect GT to pull it together. I like our chances against Pitt much more without James Connor. I'm hoping for a similar experience for the new Pitt coach as Syracuse had when they were introduced to the Triple Option: 42-17
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    Tech game on TV?

    If you download the ACC app for mobile devices you can watch the game through that (even if ESPN3 is blacked out). I believe the game also streams from the main ACC site, or at least their ACC Network games did last year.