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    Favorite uniform combo of the 2022 season?

    No, I get what you're saying, but my comment is about being able to match colors/golds. Our problem is the helmet color is our 'sacred' gold which is fine to have, but we seem to struggle to match it where others seem to be good at matching their gold across many textiles and materials. I agree...
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    Favorite uniform combo of the 2022 season?

    That's only one version of a Saints uniform. They have done what GT has done with different shades, even slipping toward the mustard side. When they try to, they match....and I think that's a NIke thing.
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    Key’s Staff

    or "he's at the 10, he's at the 15, he's at the 20 and down he goes"
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    Key’s Staff

    or "toe meets leather and it's a high, driving kick..."
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    Uniforms vs Miami

    Wow. Those are sharp.
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    POSTGAME #GTvsVT GT 28-VT 27

    This may have been covered already, but how was that not called targeting? Seems like I have seen much less get called, but not that?
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    I'll say it again!

    Bryce Koon indicated it was a thigh bruise and that he could have returned in 2OT.
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    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Sounds like he deflects, which may mean there is something going on....?
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    How hot will CGCs seat be if GT is shutout Monday?

    Sign me up for this!!! @Tmcduffie16 can you be our locker room correspondent and our board morale officer?
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    ProJackets Update

    Well....cancel that. Shame for Jalen...he was having a good pre-season. Sure hope somebody will pick him up.
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    Week 1 #CLEMvsGT Media

    Meiguez is still working his way back from the last year knee injury....he's not full contact yet. I'm not sure about Franks.
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    ProJackets Update

    All indications I have say Mason survived. Looks like Cochran and Juanyeh did not.
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    ProJackets Update

    Lot of info about Tyler Davis in here. It's been rough, but he seems to be back on track.