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    Let look at it this way ( You are the head coach what do you do)

    Philly’s take on Collins
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    USF will test our pass D next week.

    Hey, at least we're not scheduling App State!
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    Transfer Rules Possibly Changing

    I think transfers should be allowed to move on without penalty. Students with unique performance skills in areas outside sports transfer to other colleges for many reasons without penalty. The finite athletic student population is the one of the few that has restrictions on using talent that...
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    Some ugly kicking numbers I just pulled elsewhere.

    I know this is crazy, but after his injury the Jackets would have averaged better defensive starting position by intentionally kicking off out of bounds around the 20 yard line and giving the 35 yard line as the starting point. Most kicks were as low as they were short after the injury which...
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    GT-pups tickets wanted

    I have 4 extra in 201
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    Virginia Tech postgame discussion

    Could we not just KO out of bounds around the 20 and give the other team the ball on the 35 from the penalty? This would reduce the need to send down the cardiac return defense . . . more predictable for the defense.
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    Dec 2

    Morehouse is across the street
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    Virginia Game Predictions

    If he doesn't fit the description "worst coach ever", he does fit the "dumbest coach ever". 7.5 wins a year over 20 years of coaching for a reason. You are what your record is.
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    We overhyped Mills...

    Is this team so fragile and desperate that it success hangs in the balance on the unpredictable life choices of a teenage fullback? The 9 game DM era is over. Move on, he did.
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    You're killing me Smalls!

    You're killing me Smalls!
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    Athletic Programs Limited by Debt

    Incurring debt for capital expansion or improvement is not a bad thing, but the looking at the revenue sources supporting the debt service speaks to the strength of the deal. Most collegiate capital projects are funded by municipal bonds or other like instruments and secured by revenue pledged...
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    Athletic Programs Limited by Debt

    Interesting article about programs that are struggling with huge debt ratios. GT is among the most indebted of all programs.
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    Bowl game attendance declining

    Rarely do I say this, you're all correct. :-) Too many games, less local support, mid-week night games on work days in advance of seasonal holidays, all lower bowl game attendance, and many fan bases are dwindling in this era, too. IF a third of all GT season ticket holders had gone to the...
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    UVA Predictions

    24-21 GT tougher than expected nail-biter that Butker wins for good guys at the end
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    Ted Roof's job

    Wommack, Groh, Kelly, and Roof all have one thing in common, they work for a HC that hates focusing on defense. Paul Johnson rejects the idea that teams need balance to be successful. His signatures are an unbalanced offense and emphasis on offense. His signature statement after games is that GT...