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    North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    Just make sure it's a Gold1!😉
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    Women vs UGA

    Does anyone know why we would have to go to ND twice? We already played up there and the schedule has us going back up there on the 3rd, I believe it says. May just be a misprint. Of course, the way we played up there the first time, it may not be a bad thing. Just looking for some insight if...
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    Women vs UGA

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    Merry Christmas

    Yeah F Narduzzi, Santa's "elves" aready gave him his gift.
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    Dungeons & Dragons & Jackets

    Well so much for that. I was actually looking forward to this win. UAB's only loss was to an undefeated Chattanooga team. Should have been a good contest.
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    Off Season How well do you know Georgia Tech Football

    I haven't seen a full answer for number 3. I do know Jimy Lincoln had some great runs against Uvag in '91 but the play I remember was the 2 point conversion on a run over the right end to beat the Cardinal in the '91 Aloha Bowl. We pulled that game out of our arse with a big punt return by "Big...
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    Uniform reveal - Notre Dame

    Yes keep the striping and KEEP THE DAMN NUMBERS ON THE SHOULDER PADS! We pretty much created that look and we don't even use it anymore. The freaking Dallas Cowboys patterned their jersey after US. Not a bad compliment.
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    Rehire Coach LaBarrie?

    Take him back now! He is family, and we should NEVER turn our back on family. He made a mistake but it was on our behalf. He didn't do anything other assistants aren't doing. Plus he is a great recruiter. He is Atlanta. Played at Tucker High and Georgia Tech. He coached at GSU and Georgia Tech...
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    Week 3 Cuse vs GT uniform

    Classic. Now if we can just get the numbers back on the shoulder pads we'll really be on to something. Still love 'em!
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    Election Day

    Of course they don't think about it Liberty! But it all SOUNDS and FEELS so good! That is all that matters.😉
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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Yeah, you know the more I think of that it really pisses me off. Sand? That is mildly offensive. Tech should DEMAND they use GOLD when publicly describing our gear. If they want use sand internally, go for it.
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    Class of 2020 - Commitments & Draft

    Yeah, it would be nice if would do a time lapse of the stadium construction.
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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Actually Adidas themselves control what items of theirs is put on the website. That's why the selection is so ****ty and doesn't reflect all the items they have in store. They don't want our money apparently. Just take a look at the items they have for us on their own website, it's a joke.