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  1. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    Lol, I didn't realize y'all would censor the name of a sporting goods store. Ok, I ordered mine from "Richard's" on Thursday and got them today.
  2. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    I ordered mine from ****'s Thursday and got them today. Man they feel good!
  3. Random question. What is the loudest you've heard Bobby Dodd Stadium or The Thrillerdome in person? I'll start.

    Hoops: Dennis "Great" Scott's three to beat unc! I thought the Thrillerdome would cave in! Football: '92 vs F$U. Loudest sustained crowd noise I have ever heard at BDS. Place was rockin' for three and a half quarters. That game still gets to me thirty years later! Damn!
  4. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    Yeah you are correct but our classic look is numbers on the shoulder pads. I know it is not a tight fit game jersey but a replica should still stay true to the game jersey. Numbers should be on the top of the shoulder, period. I know it's a small thing but for what they charge for the dang...
  5. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    Jersey looks good but if it's a replica why does it not have the number on the shoulder? Adidas really doesn't pay any attention to detail.
  6. GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    It is a little curious I agree. But TRUST NELL'S PROCESS. She knows what she's doing. Just think, she guided last years team to the tournament without a point guard. Love did her best but she is not a point. I guess Nell just doesn't want to be in that position ever again. Like the great...
  7. NCAA Tourney

    Let's just horde buy tickets and make Lindsey Nelson gold. It is only 3 and a half hours from the ATL. Let's go North Georgia Jackets! I'm coming up from McDonough and my big Gold GT flag is coming with me! #tennesseetakover
  8. Everybody wants to hold the baby. Nobody wants to go through labor.

    I do love a good bourbon or scotch straight but I agree about vodka. Even though like some of my Russian friends would tell me "you don't taste vodka, you feel it."
  9. Everybody wants to hold the baby. Nobody wants to go through labor.

    Well y'all are. I didn't go to Tech and am not that smart. They say if you own a word it takes the power out of it but I am not one so when a ugag fan calls me a nerd, even though I should be flattered I guess, my first instinct is to give them a two piece and a biscuit. (That means kick their ***)
  10. Everybody wants to hold the baby. Nobody wants to go through labor.

    Damn, even Uvag fans think of us as nerds? I wasn't ready for that shot coming from the glass house.😉
  11. Everybody wants to hold the baby. Nobody wants to go through labor.

    I have no problem with a fan from another school coming here to give your opinion at all, especially when it's a school we play every year. You see us enough to have somewhat of an informed opinion. But one thing I will ask is, did you watch our game Saturday? I think there have been times this...
  12. Game 1 Uniforms

    No my immediate reply was to question your shock at us not wearing all white. We have worn combos other than all white before for a WHITE OUT. And I just used Penn St as the example since they were the originators. I was not taking a shot at you, just wondered why you were shocked seeing that a...
  13. Game 1 Uniforms

    Where did I say we were Penn St smart***? And we have not worn all white on at least a couple of occasions.
  14. Game 1 Uniforms

    They must have changed it Chris. NC State didn't have ACC on their tab tonight.
  15. Game 1 Uniforms

    Don't be shocked. The White Out game is for fan unity. Penn St created the White Out and have NEVER wore all white for it.