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    Adopt a G5 School

    Tulsa for me. Of course, that’s an easy choice. I live there.
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    Fall Camp News

    Yes, our golf team always has a great defense!
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    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Jahmyr Gibbs just named first-team All-American at all-purpose back by The Athletic.
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    B1G expansion?

    When my son applied to UNC 15 years ago, almost 90% of the students came from North Carolina. I don’t think it’s changed that much.
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    New Pro Jackets Progress

    Last I heard, Joey Bart was still a catcher in the San Francisco Giants organization.
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    ACC office may leave Greensboro

    Not to mix this thread up with another, but this was part of the rationale on ACCN — just one commentator’s opinion, mind you — for UNC and Duke moving to the B1G as a package deal.
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    B1G expansion?

    Heard another opinion on ACCN radio this afternoon: Eventually, Clemson, Miami, and FSU to the SEC, UNC and Duke as a package deal to the B1G.
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    New assistant coach

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    Undrafted Player Deals

    I agree. In fact, one of the way-too-early mock drafts for 2023 I saw has Gibbs going in the 1st round.
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    Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    The last several years, there have only been 6-8 schools realistically competing for the CFP. NIL will actually expand that number, depending on how much the boosters and/or collectives are willing to pay for talent. But beyond the top 20 teams or so — maybe fewer — everyone else will be reduced...
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    Attention all swarm posters!! Please check out Bryce Koon new gatech podcast.

    I haven’t found Bryce’s podcast since Jan 24th. Is it no longer being cast?
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    Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    Just read that myself earlier — very interesting but also pretty discouraging for a lot of schools. This statement by the head of the Tennessee “collective” says everything you need to know about the new world of recruiting: ‘“We want players to see through social media if you come to...
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    Suddes’s thinking may be that CGC is likely gone after next season, and if the opportunity is there elsewhere, he might as well make the jump now.
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    Yeah, this definitely has a the-wheels-are-coming-off feel.