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    Article Sizing Up The Syracuse Orange

    nuke, I love you (especially in baseball), but weather will not be a factor. Syracuse FB plays in a dome.
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    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    Decisive action by NCAA. This is what happens when Duke gets caught cheating . . .
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    Asanti Price to Transfer

    Asanti had to work very hard on his academics, and it was tough for him. But he ended up doing very well. He is not leaving because of bad grades, but he may be looking for a school with a less rigorous and demanding environment. We can all appreciate that, I think. He graduated high school...
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    On this day in 2004...

    I was there also. My best experience (outside of the win) was that my seats were several rows in front of Pat Riley and Michael Douglas! I felt like I had finally "arrived".
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    So, should we withdraw the appeal on post season ban?

    I understand that discussions have been underway for quite a while. But remember, this is the NCAA we are dealing with.
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    So, should we withdraw the appeal on post season ban?

    I find it fascinating how some folks are fully ready to tell other people how to spend their money. Have you considered a career in politics?
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    GT Clemson 2/25 9 pm EST McCamish Pavilion

    Yes, and it was obvious on the replay above the court. TV Teddy cost us two buckets (that he took away on the bogus calls), along with two fouls on us, and two missed calls on Clemson. Quite a score/foul turnaround because TVT likes to call offensive fouls. He likes punching the air with his...
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    GT Clemson 2/25 9 pm EST McCamish Pavilion

    Not to be picky, but the title to this thread is wrong. We play Clemson tonight at McCamish -- not there.
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    GT @ Syracuse 2/22 @ 4pm

    Cuse finally found a way to slow down Moses in the second half. They simply hammered him in the paint. Since the refs refused to call any fouls (except against us), their strategy worked quite well.
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    GT @ Wake Forest 2/19/20

    This officiating is killing me! At least we are up at the half.
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    Now time for VT - Who is more desperate?

    Evan hurt his foot during today’s shoot around. Thought he would be able to play, but too sore at game time. Hope nothing serious or lasting.
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    Pastner vs Crean

    We were also missing two starters (Jose trying to play on one leg, and Jordan not yet eligible).
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    Game Thread - dook, 1/8/2020

    I love your positive attitude, but unfortunately we play Louisville twice. Home 2/12 and @UL on 1/22.
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    Game Thread - @ UNC, 1/4/2020

    It is really great to read the positive comments and the expressions of support. Winning is wonderful, and it cures a lot of ills. Last night should provide some momentum and a shot of confidence for our guys. Now, can we build on the UNC victory? I was lucky enough to attend the Kentucky...
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    Game Thread - @ UNC, 1/4/2020

    Shembari has a viral infection and didn’t make the trip.