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  1. Coach Dave Patenaude

    You mean like we ran at Duke ?
  2. What area needs to be improved the most

    I’m trying to find a coach anywhere who isn’t stubborn.
  3. What area needs to be improved the most

    It all comes back to the OL though. Either suggestion will work if it’s blocked well. Neither will of it’s not.
  4. Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    I don’t think AB can really play in the slot. To me he’s all speed and needs to be on the outside. He never was comfortable going over the middle.
  5. Coach Collins Show on 680 the fan right now

    They lost pretty much all of their offense including a multi year starter at QB.
  6. Coach Collins Show on 680 the fan right now

    Lol at plenty of talent at Temple. That tells me all I need to know about your football knowledge.
  7. ACC office may leave Greensboro

    Haven’t seen anyone arguing that the office should stay in Greensboro, just pushback on some of the ignorant comments.
  8. ACC office may leave Greensboro

    Just because you don’t know anything about Greensboro is no reason to keep criticizing it. It’s a great place to live. As I said before I can see moving to a bigger city but no reason to be an *** about it.
  9. ACC office may leave Greensboro

    Access for what? I mean what happens at the conference offices that really matters besides perhaps media events. I get moving from Greensboro because it can be difficult to get to but what exactly do we think having the office in ATL will do for the conference?
  10. Just watching Nebraska . . .

    Sorry I think this is a ridiculous comparison.
  11. O Line Starters

    Think you miss the mark in a number of ways but primarily in how quickly you expect recruits to be ready on the OL. Ideally you redshirt every freshman, start to see some challenge for playing time on their RS-FR or So year and take over by the time they are juniors. We’re pretty much on that...
  12. Expectations for the 2021 season

    They are not worthless, just not 100% predictive. In general the predictions are directionally correct.
  13. Expectations for the 2021 season

    You understand this is a circular argument right? There is no real answer so all we can do is use prognostication. The FACT is we have one of the toughest schedules based on preseason expectations in the playoff era. To argue differently is just silly. After the season we will see how it turns...
  14. Tokyo Olympics

    Offsides they get right because it’s simply angles when the ball is played. It pisses people off because they see stuff you could never see with the naked eye in real time. Other than that their use of replay is pretty stupid. They are interested in the correct call, only whether the call was...
  15. Leo Blackburn -1 ACL

    Don’t take things so literally man.