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  1. Summer Workouts

    Thanks for the one liners of yours that crack me up.
  2. UGA Postgame Discussion

    Thank you for mentioning this .When I saw that it made me mad that the refs were asleep and missed it. I also now wonder how often this happens in games. I expected to see them knock our QB out of the game.
  3. Pelton is out . .

    Jerry I always enjoy your posts maybe you or someone else would be kind enough to tell me why scout has been running hints to the insiders for approx. 30 hours now about new hires etc. and the rest of us poor souls are kept in the dark. Don't get me wrong this site is my favorite but this sucks.
  4. boy this is killing me

    I am aware of this FO but the several weeks more this will nudge along while we are just looking for crumbs is my point.
  5. boy this is killing me

    I'm 76 years old and I don't recall a situation such as this. We probably have a new DC who I am for, all things considered. Yet the delay is killing me as I keep seeing UGA everywhere. The year was bad enough with out the drama now. I can't read anything new for lord only knows how long, and...
  6. Some ugly kicking numbers I just pulled elsewhere.

    MFL I love it. I needed the chuckle this morning.
  7. Georgia Tech’s Inability to Land In-State Talent is Becoming Problematic

    I agree with you and I go way back to the late 40's in viewing and following Tech. I also remember Billy Lothridge, Stan Gann, John Dewberry , up to current stars. I personally get so tired of these same old debates ( but I read them ) comparing who we are who some want us to be etc. I...
  8. Mark Bradley's steaming pile of poop

    I agree with you and we must remember our kicking game is suspect for next year until the new guys ( must sign ) and settle in. I know they are highly rated but we have lost a weapon in H. Butker with his length especially . In my humble opinion R. Rodwell did a great job also.
  9. Mills

    I always said my grandfather was a (hard working ) man as in reality he was what with seven children. My youngest Aunt and David are both four years younger than I am. My late father ( deceased 15 years now) was one of the biggest Tech fans around . He always predicted we would go undefeated...
  10. Mills

    My Uncle by marriage was from Waycross high school and he went to tech and played Wrecker back for Tech and was a Team captain in either 1966 or 1967.He held the record for tackles in one game for quite awhile (17 I believe ) . Now I am 75 now so memory could be off somewhat. His name is David...