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  1. Fire Geoff Collins

    Nope. Goose is staying in the NFL.
  2. The “Money Men”

    Nor Gibbs' decision...
  3. Fire Geoff Collins

    Notre Dame has a strong one loss resume, like you said. Now, you're qualifying your statement, and I agree with at qualification. Notre Dame is paying the price for insisting on remaining independent and this will become clearer as time goes forward.
  4. Fire Geoff Collins

    So, you're predicting they get an invite this year (a strong one loss season). I don't agree. Had they won the ACC (or any other P5 conference) they'd be in, but not as an independent.
  5. Stansbury

    All I know is this. I have watched GT Football for coming on 50 years. Been a season ticket holder for going on 40 years, even when I lived over 500 miles away from Georgia (heck, even for 2 years when I lived overseas!). I recall very well how quickly one could see a difference when a good...
  6. Let’s rally behind all the staff and players donning GT

    Send your comments to TStan and the folks that could actually, you know, DO SOMETHING to turn the program around. Nagging us fans is silly.
  7. Staff Changes

    I am hoping that TStan demands an approval on the hires. iirc, that was the deal early on with Pastner and it resulted in getting some pretty quality assistants there. Of course, if TStan is a lousy judge of coaches (Collins, cough, cough) well then that might not help.
  8. 2021 USMNT World Cup Qualification

    Italy should have done better in their qualifying group. They were undefeated, yes, but they had 4 wins and 4 draws. It wasn't the draw against Switzerland that hurt them, but the draws against the likes of Northern Ireland and Bulgaria (that at home) cost them dearly. However, the playoffs are...
  9. Coaching and AD carousel, Football Edition

    Temple is a horrible job. Only the most desperate of coaches would go there and they would leave the first chance they got. (No, this is not a shot at Collins)
  10. #UGAvsGT Postgame. 45-0, Tech loses

    Herein lies the dilemma for the vast majority of Tech fans....
  11. #UGAvsGT Postgame. 45-0, Tech loses

    Ummm, no.
  12. Fire Geoff Collins

    Generally, fans boo the coaches or administration. It is ashamed that so many think they are booing the players, who deserve nothing but our support. Part of that support is doing whatever you can to get competent leadership for those players.
  13. Fire Geoff Collins

    The Gailey boos were for Nix (and for Gailey for keeping Nix). Poor coordinator choices can definitely hamper a program.
  14. GT vs. Ga Sou

    Just keep winnin'!! Great that after that first hiccup we have avoided the usual pre-season head-scratching losses.
  15. GT vs. Ga Sou

    Personally, I think we have a slugger's chance at both UNC and LSU. UNC hasn't been known for defense for a while now, and LSU usually has good athletes but not much discipline. But, the caveat is that I have seen very little of either team thusfar, just going on the usual type of teams they...