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  1. NASA Selects new Astronaut class

    Thanks for all the kind words. They are also currently deployed in Alaska fighting off those pesky Russians. :) They will be glad to get away from all the snow. First week in January they have to officially be in Houston when she will start 2 years of training. This group was told they were...
  2. Griffin now in the portal

    Seems like we would fairly consistantly do a good job on running plays and then consistantly give up 3rd and long to a pass play after two good stops. I felt like under normal conditions we had a good rush defense.
  3. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    Nope it was the lack of any real Schtick. No plan, nothing to address the realities of Tech to be able to get past them. Anyone who could look at everything in a non biased way could have seen it coming. But the hard part is looking at things in an un biased way. Basicaly it was nothing...
  4. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    I did. That is why I stopped my season tickets after 20 years. I could not suffer through what he was going to do. It was obvious for those willing to take an abstract look at the whole picture. Now, I did get a few things wrong in my initial analysis, but the end results is almost...
  5. NASA Selects new Astronaut class

    If anyone is curious here is a live-stream link to the new class. It starts at 12:30. Once every 3 years NASA selects a new class. This year there were 10 selected out of 12,000 Oh and one of the new class is my Daughter-In-Law. I am so happy for her!!! It has been a life long goal of...
  6. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    In all honesty it does seem like it has the potential to be an improvement or even a substantial improvement if he can also provide solid coaching for the QBs while improving the offense in general
  7. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    I heard TStan is on top of it and plans to fix some of the mistakes in his last contracts. 8 years with 6 guaranteed
  8. Current Environment

    Not only that but even today almost 70% of all jobs can not be done from home. We all kinda live in a white collar bubble. All these WFH stuff is ignoring the vast majority who cant. The workers in my factory can not build products from home. That would be a crazy conveyor system. Whats...
  9. Next level?

    I guess it depends on when it was used. When he first came in I assumed it was something like almost always win your division and play for championships almost every year and win that about 40 % to 50% of the time. Now next level is to just get back to Chan Gailey level (7 wins and a bowl...
  10. SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant

    Not Yet. Sometimes I blur what is going to happen in the future with what happened in the past. I was thinking about when Pitt beats ND in the Peach bowl :)
  11. SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant

    Ooops, For some reason I thought that. Yeah their only loss was Cincy. But my point still stands they would have had a better resume and a Conf Championship
  12. SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant

    Not to quote myself, but I realized if ND was part of the ACC they would have played for a conference championship last night and probably would have beat either of those two teams. Or at least had a chance to fix their earlier season loss to Pitt. That would have increase their resume and...
  13. SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant

    Could ND get bumped up to #4 and make the playoffs? and leave the DWAGs out? Their only loss was to Cincy
  14. QB and OC debate

    To be fair, I have stopped all the negative stuff I did before. But I will discuss facts and how we can move forward and sometimes there will still be comparisons with CPJ. But I am willing to embrace the next set of staff tweaks for one year to see if CGC can Dabo this. I like his...