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  1. Funny Stuff

    Cuban Coffee Queen Key west. Best Cuban I have had in a long time. not to mention the coffee is great Plus their motto fits in around here "Drink more CUBAN COFFEE and Do more STUPID THINGS FASTER"
  2. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    Supply chain issues are effecting a LOT of companies and limiting their ability to react to their specific demands. I know a few that are actually seeing a drop in revenue because they cant get the chips they need to make their products. They have orders but cant deliver
  3. Expansion Talk 2021

    Those dont necessarily have to be head coaches either. I really think Collins should have kept our previous DC. We need a Friedgen style OC. Then step back a bit and he is following the Clemson style
  4. Expansion Talk 2021

    I hope you are correct. My opinion is there will never be enough to be able to compete for an NC a few times a decade. I have known a few kids that had what it took (grades, SAT scores) but did not want to do the work. One went on to be a starting OL for UGA, his brother went to Tech and got...
  5. Expansion Talk 2021

    I dont think we will ever do it, but the first thing we need to do is take anyone who can fog a mirror and then do What NC and most other colleges are doing with dumb classes and majors to keep the athletes available to play football. Then GT could build a bigger brand and win more games...
  6. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    I know a kid that bought a Turbo Ford Focus ST. Drove it for 4 years and 55,000 miles. Just sold it for more than he paid for it. Car prices are nuts
  7. Expansion Talk 2021

    There it is! I kept reading through this thread and kept wondering. Whjy no one mentioned GOR
  8. kg01's cool (or not so cool) nickname

    Cake Sniffer! Not Like Us Not Like Us Not Like Us
  9. 2021 ACC Coach Rankings

    That's exciting. I need to start going over there as well as here. I moved over here for the freedom of speech. but people got upset when they heard things that go against what they believe to be true. (Left or Right) So the mods got tired of all the complaining. (I dont blame them I would...
  10. 2021 ACC Coach Rankings

    He must be decent or we would not have an article about him on the front page of the Swarm for almost 10 months and counting.
  11. Looking for Cloud SW Developers

    Long term it will be fine. There is a tough integration phase though where there will be a lot of work with the embedded SW team as we all hammer out the design requirements (Dont want finger pointing) as well as the MVP feature set vs design difficulties. Then system test phase will probably...
  12. Looking for Cloud SW Developers

    I am reaching out to various venues to see if I can find a good fit(s) for my company. A little about us - We make IP audio, IP communications and IP safety devices as well as on-site control servers. - Our markets are K-12, Healthcare, Warehouse & Manufacturing as well as general...
  13. The "Banned" of the forum section that shall not be spoken

    I am confused, why are people being banned from the political forum? I thought that was the forum you went to where you could be more open. So you can't talk politics on the political forum? Plus I was never able to find it so maybe I was pre-banned?
  14. Survey for BDS

    I would love that. That could help motivate me to get tickets again