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    Gotsis done.

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    Targeting, without a doubt? Jimbo thinks so.

    so in hindsight....we should've wanted this to get called.
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    Gotsis done.

    More seriously. I REALLY hope we get to see this guy play DE at the next level to the best of his abilities. I'm thinking someone will get a late-round steal given his attitude and work ethic. I expect a full recovery.
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    UVA Predictions

    I think having the bye after this game will play to our advantage. Guys will be willing to lay it out given the upcoming "rest." I think we'll see a 27-14 Jackets victory.
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    baffling Oline still struggling

    if defenses did to us last season what they are doing this season (with the late shifting and mid-series alignment shifts) we would've thought the O-Line sucked. This is a double-edged sword for defenses though as it will only serve to make our entire O-Line better in the long run at reading...
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    Targeting, without a doubt? Jimbo thinks so.

    what an absolute wuss. Anyone who calls that out as a "should've been called targeting" tackle doesn't want football to be played.
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    You guys are about to visit the worst atmosphere in the ACC

    I'm going to the game on Saturday and I came to the realization yesterday that it truly may be very lacking in UVA fans due to it being Halloween. Do you think there is very much interest at all for UVA to attend this game? I almost feel like it would've been better from a UVA crowd standpoint...
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    "What a time to be alive!"

    the chess vs checkers comment really got me upset too. A cross-charge is something JT sees every game, and he made the wrong read one time in a big spot. Gilmore went on about how they're winning the mind games now because they did that.
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    "What a time to be alive!"

    the guys were ragging on us all night. Did not like the announcers at all.
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    GT 'ain't lost to no damn chumps

    should have beaten UNC and should have beaten Pittsburgh. Duke was winnable, Clemson and ND I don't think were. Just lost a couple 50/50 games early that we're sure to get back to round the season out. I think we have a good chance to win out so let's make it happen.
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    Brad Stewart beats 5 star recruit Derwin James

    every overthrown ball is an incompletion. On 4th and 5 with the game on the line you give your high-pointing sure handed receiver the best chance to catch the ball or draw a flag.
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    are you crazy? You can't just abuse that kind of power...his son's power could cause some type of cataclysmic event at Bobby Dodd if it's overused. It's way too dangerous to suggest something like this. Are you even aware of the story of Spider-Man?
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    Clemson Prediction Thread

    Their team is talented, but raw at defending the option...this has been a problem for Clemson before: GT-34 Clemson-24
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    Why our Bbacks bang their heads against a wall

    I really think the infamous play call last Saturday was just CPJ outfoxing himself on 4th and 1. No one thought he'd go inside again except Chizik and the UNC D.
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    UNC's QB Williams

    Watson looked bad against Louisville (both times he played them), and bad against ND. Williams on the other hand has looked great against many teams not just GT. In fact you may be surprised to see that he was 2nd team All ACC last season behind none other than 1st pick overall Jameis Winston...