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    Week 6 #DUKEvsGT Predictions

    Calling for the win - I think we walk away with a 10 point victory. Along the lines of 31-21.
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    I mean.. it was the kinda thing a guy would include in his rotating quote line signature..
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    Week 5 PFF Grades

    H Hall was averaging 7+ypc you don’t sub that guy, you ride him to a win. Also CBK said they liked what Hall brings in game prep that week. May likely see a different distribution against Duke’s front 7
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    Nope it was the exact same last week.
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    HC Candidate List

    In general, I am a wait and see kinda guy. I want to see what we have with CBK while we work on bringing in the best AD we can get. We aren't in a "benefit from moving now" position yet, so it's about collecting data points until we get there. CBK is the only one positioned to show empirically...
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    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    If people want to continue posting about the past, keeping it in the correct threads (like this one) then go nuts fam. Happy that likeminded folks have something to discuss in the wide, wide, wonderful world of sports that is GT.
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    Bubba Blackburn MIA

    I've not heard different
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    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    One tangible difference with CBK is he does more good on good live practice in pads. CGC tried to adopt the NFL style minimized contact approach and I think that led to many of our problems. QBs not getting hit in practice make them more gunshy in games, Lines not hitting make hand fighting less...
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    Editing time limit

    Obviously, just a joke 🧐 I think 20 minutes makes plenty of sense.
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    Editing time limit

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    It's the same with the exception of King who was injured.
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    Worth a listen for fans too, for sure.
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    I mean.. talk about quotables. This week’s presser is pure gold.
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    Editing time limit

    Remember, kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heros get remembered, but Legends typos never die..
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    God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    Calijah Kancey is a beast. It didn't help our Guards to play against him.