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    COVID-19 Fall Spread

    Hope you and your family avoid it and that your son’s teacher recovers quickly.
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    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    But why did they use Mike Pence as a stand in for Ric Flair with short hair?!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Good TV Shows?

    Just watched season 1 of the sinner on Netflix. Reminds me a lot of True Detective. Thought it was really good. Pretty dark, but once you get through the first episode I was hooked to the end.
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    Any word on the COVID situation

    I am thankful for the basketball we got in so far, but this season will likely always have the feel of a what-if kinda deal.. Not to write the obituary before the death of the patient, but the tournament seeding is going to be all messed up, and there are going to be teams who miss their shot to...
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    Jose Alvarado Interview

    Hadn’t seen this yet. Thanks for posting @CuseJacket
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    A New Tech Record

    In before someone asks if uGA really counts as college or just continuation of your high school courses.. 😏😬🧐
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    NCST game is cancelled

    This scares me; the longer the pause the tighter we will play coming back out. A positive is that it may lead somebody like Alvarado or Wright to consider doing it again next year to make up for a fizzled senior campaign with lighter courseload.🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
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    COVID-19 Fall Spread

    This is such a common issue across so many things now. People have their own sets of "facts" and get them amped up, over and over again, by echo chambers of conformation confirmation. People are so certain that they're right, and that the great evil "other" is out to get them. It is so dangerous...
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    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Bit off topic, as it isn't adidas, but it is SWAG, and .500 is good in baseball all day long.. If you want "Vintage" looks, Cutter & Buck make some nice stuff for sale through book store...
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    Life Advice for a soon to be 30 yr old

    Can't echo and amplify the above posts enough, but I will still add my own.. You did a brave thing opening up to us all and talking about your decisions. During this time (pandemic and other craziness out there) it can be easy to quickly feel unmoored, lost and stuck. I'm happy this community of...
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    Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    based on?
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    #Megatron21 Move-in Day

    Far as I can tell, you have to be on the team, or part of the program somehow. Maybe big time donors could snag some too.. Not for sale though to us "regular civilians"
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    Any word on the COVID situation

    Well this stinks. We were really playing efficient basketball - I guess it was to be expected but those early season loses are going to be an albatross for our dancing chances. Going to need to play really well the back half of the season and make some noise in the ACC Tourney me thinks.
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    Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    Does anyone have actual knowledge of CBK's scheme skills with regards to an Offensive Coordinator role? Just curious about it, beyond even this question.