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  1. Game 2 #KSUvsGT Predictions

    Tech wins 41-14
  2. First game of the season vs F$U

    Did you watch FSU last year?? I believe it’ll be closer than you think!!
  3. Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    I’ve heard it from one of the assistant coaches. They let him back in because he’s a beast.
  4. Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    He got kicked out of McEachern(sp). And this is coming from a very reliable source but he won’t tell me what exactly he did.
  5. Assistant Coaching changes in the off season ?

    You left off Marcus Mariota
  6. Georgia Tech Football Ticket Exchange

    Hey does anyone have 2 tickets for the UGA game for sale?? If so let me know please.
  7. Coach Collins has lost to a FCS school two straight years

    You’re talking about how much he weighs now after the new strength coach came in!! I’m just going off the roster from last season and the facts. I’m a real fan, who understands that it takes time to build a program!!
  8. Coach Collins has lost to a FCS school two straight years

    Well 8 wins wasn’t happening even if PJ was still here. I think what’s being missed here is that GT needed something new!! Kids didn’t wanna come here and honestly the way Kirby is recruiting PJ didn’t stand a chance of beating them again!! To run a pro-style offense you need pro-style...
  9. Joe Brady (LSU Passing Game Coordinator)

    He wouldn’t leave LSU because he’s basically the OC without the title. The old guy has the title but he’s the future.
  10. 680 another uga booster

    He’s not lying though!! I don’t like Steak either but Sandra and Kincade(sp) have both been on the record talking about how excited they are for Collins and the future of Tech. We just have to win more if we want Steak to get off UGA’s nuts!!
  11. Need this guy on staff ASAP

    He’s a direct plug to Grayson and other Gwinnett county schools!! I’m down for it!!
  12. Predict our next 1st round draft pick

    I hate to be negative but I’m go say nobody on the current team but maybe Jamious Griffin. And for everybody saying Juanyeh Thomas please explain to me why!! He’s a great return man but that doesn’t equal out to a first round draft pick.
  13. Yates, the leader.

    No he’s still in high school!! And still playing varsity basketball.