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    What Was The Best Part of The 2020-21 Football Season?

    Looking at college football as a whole, some things that stand out Michigan finally beating Ohio State Penn State-Illinois 9OT silliness Nebraska finding ways to lose every week Texas A&M upsetting Alabama Deion Sanders using NIL to stage a recruiting coup at Jackson State The G5 finally...
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    What Was The Best Part of The 2020-21 Football Season?

    Not a lot to be happy to remember. Probably the only thing is the UNC win at MBS (despite UNC ended up being pretty mediocre). Proved Mayhem at MBS has some potential for a good atmosphere.
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    Men’s Game vs Louisville

    Anyone we know for sure is out today?
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    OUCH - Championship game ratings are out

    It started at 3:30. SEC was at 4. For all intents and purposes they were in the same mid afternoon window
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    Comcast agrees to deal with ACC network

    Bring back the JP game of the week
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    GT vs. Ga Sou

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    Charleston Southern, 7 PM, ACC Network (and McCamish!)

    Classic Joshium in the post game
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    A drawback of the Benz games is you lose the marquee games that drew attendance at Bobby Dodd.
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    Get out the Flea Spray; GT Traveling to the pound Friday Night Lights! [email protected]

    I’ll be driving up for it. Looking forward to Cali n Tito’s and Pastner (finally) getting his first win over the dawgs
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    Attendance Down Significantly (AJC)

    We are certainly not a few breaks from being 9-1
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    #[email protected] Monday night 7:30EST

    Saba out of the rotation on the first half. Meka played about 3 minutes
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    Looks like a nooner for COFH

    on ABC. Ohio State-Michigan will be on FOX at the same time
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    ECE 2020
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    GT vs BC Kickoff @ 3:30

    That was on FOX
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    tech media coverage

    680 covers uga, Braves, and Falcons regardless of other teams quality. Atlanta United won MLS cup and still barely received any coverage. The Hawks struggle for coverage as well